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Headset for work and home use. Suggestions?

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I am in the market for some new headphones and I'm looking for some suggestions of some headsets or headphone and microphone combos set ups to look in to. I have been watching the forums here off and on and the people here understand quality unlike many of the review on headset I have read on gaming websites or reviews from other people working at call centers. Many of them have never experienced good sounding headphones and freak out at paying more than $80 for a set, so how could they give me the information I want? This is why I am coming here to the guys who will point me to the better ones.


At home I am currently using Presonus HD7 with a nameless mic taped to the wire. I love the headphones, the base is great and the semi block out surrounding noise but someone can still get my attention without tapping me. 


At work I am using a nameless $5 dollar headphone and mic set that was handed down from other co-workers.


What I want is something that sounds great like the HD7 but are more comfortable since I am wearing these between 10-12 hours (only work 4 days at a time). The issue I have with the HD7 is that the padding on the outside is slightly too thin so the inside padding makes my ears sore after 5 hours.


Also need a Clear mic that will pick up my voice but not the whole office (it does get loud to).


Budget $200 for the combo.


Interface options usb and standard aux for a pc (I think 3.5mm is what is called). Preference on aux


Bonus, I would like wireless option when I am working calls, not wireless headset (cause that will kill any thing I put into my home system when I start getting that together) When I say wireless option I mean some sort of box I can strap to my belt and plug aux jacks into and have another receiver attached to the computer. But this wireless converter is not part of the budget I set above.

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Brainwavz HM5 (closed) or Samson SR850 (semi-open) with ModMic


Substitutes (closed): Beyer DT770, AudioTechnica A900X, Shure SRH840, Ultrasone HFI 580

Substitutes (open): Beyer DT880 & DT990, Ultrasone HFI 2400, Sennheiser HD598


Very best,

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions 



What I ended up doing was taking my presonus HD7 and attaching a mic. Worked great and was professional looking. Later down the road I ended up buying logitech G930. They do not sound as good as my HD7 but I needed the wireless to be free to help others while on the phone. At $80 Black Friday, why not. Although they do sound nice for gaming, not the best, however they do they job for now. The surround sound feature is neat, and the wireless feature is very useful.

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