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HFI-780 vs. ATH-M50 vs. SRH840 or other ? [SOLVED]

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Hello everyone !


I was looking into buying my first pair of headphones and after few hours of searching, I've came down to these 3 pairs

-Ultrasone HFI-780

-Audio-Technica ATH-M50

-Shure SRH840


Now, if you noticed the link between these headphones, I was looking for something close absolutely because I'll be listening to lots of music during my bus rides !

Comfort isn't a necessity though I'll be wearing them a lot, but I wouldn't chose comfort over sound quality.


I listen to a lot of rap, hip-hop, R&B, rock, electro, dubstep, alternative, that should sum it up.

I'd like something for all-around listening, though I doubd that exists.

I'm quite an audiophile and I love music, hearing the vibes of it and the bass as the song was taped, so preferably not a faded bass, more like something realistic to give punch to the music, I dont want it to cover up the sound.


I was looking into 150 $ pairs, but it can go a little over if it's worth it (let's say around 200$)


I chose those 3 pairs, but feel free to suggest something else if you think it could compete with them.



I think this post could be usefull because lots of people seem to be looking for a headset around this price and for a little "all-around" listening, so post whatever you think fits !


Thanks in advance !!

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I would put you on the Ultrasone HFI 580 for your needs. It has excellent bass, and will be detailed and crisp. Sleek looking too. Comfortable too. Easy to drive so will work with any device.


Alternative: Brainwavz HM5 & Shure SRH840 if you want something more neutral.


Very best,

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Thanks MalVeau !


Any one else's oppinions on this ? I was looking forward to order my set, hopefully this week, so really I wanted to compare with the most recommendations possible !

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If you want something with a nice look without losing sound quality, check the V-moda M-80

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I like the 780s over the 580s because the mids are more pronounced and the bass is less emphasized. Plenty of bass there, but not as much as with the 580s. Still, the 580s could work very well for you--can totally understand some people liking them better than the 780s. 


The M50s are what I keep in my office. I find their sound easier to relax to than the 780s. I can work while using the M50s to play low volume background music, whereas the 780s are so engaging I just want to turn them up. I don't know if you drink wine, but the Ultrasones are a big bold cab sav that demands my attention to be experienced; the M50s, more subtle like a pinot noir. I do think the 780s are a better headphone, but not for me at work smile.gif


Hope that helps. If you are ordering from Amazon, I recommend getting your top two picks and trying them out and returning one. Just keep the packaging and the phones in perfect (mint) condition while you use them for a few listening sessions at home, and it's not hard to return a pair if they are sold by Amazon or Fulfilled by Amazon (would be more cautious about using the 3rd party vendors for that).  Best way to be sure about a choice is to hear them yourself. 

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OK help please, 1st I'm completely new here Aight help me out. Right now I have some Sony xb 500s, I'm kind of a basshead., but the left ear is partially blown or something so I needs to upgrade. What are some recommendations for a budget MP3 player (I know mp3 s aren't the best sound quality buT its all I can do right now), some headphones, and if I need an amp. I'm on a low budget So I need an MP3 player that basically just plays music with decent sound and wit an equalizer. My budget is around 150-200, so I was thinking a Sansa or Sony playr, with ath m50s, HFI 580, Xb 700s or Koss Pro Dj100s. Lookin for decent quality and bass(don't have to be super bassy like the XB's but it wud be nice. Thnx
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Sansa Clip+ is a great little mp3 player. Rockbox it to get the better EQ capability. Buy the 2gb version and get a 16gb sdhc card, and you can stay close to $40. It drives the Ultrasone 580s very nicely. 

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Does the it come wit a custom eq setting like out the box though??
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I don't remember. I rockboxed mine immediately smile.gif

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And for the headphones, shed I also get the 580s?
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Have you seen this thread about the 580s? There's a review in the first post, and then it's a good place to ask questions. 

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Originally Posted by Mr BP SS13 View Post

Does the it come wit a custom eq setting like out the box though??
IIRC Clip+ with standard FW has few settings for EQ (like Rock, Classical, etc) and very simple custom settings.

Back to the original question I have HFI-780 and can recommend those for Hip-Hop and Rap, although those aren't really main genres I listen to. Can't really compared to other mentioned phones as I did not have chance to hear them. However I would be concerned about portability of those if you want to use them in bus. Despite how they might seem those are actually pretty big hp (looks kinda strange) and comfort isn't really that good (especially headband pad).
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Thanks DuckSoup

I was actually mostly looking into the SRH840's because I heard they had better equilibrism in the low-mid-high's, but my choice before was the HFI-780's for the look, mostly.


Could anyone compare those 2, I heard the M50's bass was a little too much and would only degrade with time.

I guess the question would be finding a "SRH840" with sufficient bass, and equality between the low-mid-high's, but that, from what I've read, seems to be settled with that pair.

I only want to precise, I dont only listen to rap or hip-hop, I was really looking into an all-around pair, because it can vary from trance to rap to rock to alternative.... I really listen to everything ! (almost)


I don't really have any way to compare so you guys are my only hope !


Thanks again everyone !!

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Bump !!


I was hoping to order this week... Any more help at all would be really appreciated !

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I had the HFI-580s and still have the SRH840s. Prefer the Shures in pretty much every way. The only subjective advantage the Ultrasones have is their massive bass, but they're very tiring if you plan on listening for long periods because the bass is offset by harsh spikes in the upper frequencies to give them that artificially "wide" sound.


For me personally, I even preferred the bass on the SRH840, but I don't listen to rap or dubstep at all. The Ultrasone's subwoofer bass + tinny treble sound might actually suit hip hop and dub step, which don't really thrive on smooth mid range. My opinions are coming from someone who listens mostly to classical, trance/EBM, prog rock, experimental synth stuff. I tend to value resolution and clarity over other factors.


Both are very well-built headphones and you can save $$$ by "staking out" their Amazon pages until a good price pops up.

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