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My Little Dot I gave up the ghost...replacement options?

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Well, I f'ed up. I was getting a lot of crackling and static through my headphones. Figured it was the crappy cables, interference from my computer, my bad luck...so I moved my amp and DAC as far from my computer as I could and I was still getting the noise. I thought, well, maybe it's the tubes. Pulled out the NOS Sylvania GB-408A's and threw in the stock tubes. Fired it up, no crackling. Damn it I thought...now I have to find new tubes cause these stock ones sound like dog vomit. I am 1/3 of the way through the first song I was testing with when the volume started to fade, smelled something burning, and noticed smoke coming from my amp. Being the dumb ass that I am, I forgot to flip the switches inside the amp when I replaced the tubes back to stock. So I assume because of this, I just burned up my freakin' amp. Pulled out the tubes, powered down, let things cool off, threw the Sylvanias back in, powered up....NOTHING! Not a peep. 


So, after much rambling...looks like I am shopping for a new amp mad.gif


Guess this could be the opportunity to upgrade, or side-grade, who knows...maybe go with what I know. What I do know is that I LOVED the way my poor LD I+ sounded with those NOS tubes, so whatever amp I end up with, that's going to be the sound I am after. Warm and luscious. 


What I am powering, just a pair of Grado SR325i's and a pair of Fischer Audio FA-002W's so nothing that requires a mini nuclear reactor on my desk. The challenge here...budget. There is none. Not as unlimited but rather VERY limited. I just blew a small wad on some IEM's, a bunch of ammo for my Glock, bought a new handgun, and still need to get a cMoy for the new IEM's. So what I am hoping for is to keep this at or below $200, $250 at the most.


Can someone please help? I just need some options, some direction, pointed in the right direction.

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Anyone? I was looking at the Darkvoice 336SE as an option but at $300 shipped, it's a little out of budget. I might be able to swing it, but it would be tough. What else is out there that's good for the money these days? I've been out of touch for a couple years, seems like a lot of the amp builders are defunct now or at least their websites are.

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Hmm, I don't have much experience(i.e. none) with hybrid/tube gear, but how just repurchasing the LD 1+?  It's a setup you're familiar with and one that you've enjoyed.  Plus, you already know which tubes to roll to tailor the sound to your liking.

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That's certainly a consideration. I just thought I'd see what might be out there as far as something new to try. I usually live by the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra...but sometimes when opportunity presents itself it's hard to pass up the chance to try something else. Not sure what I'll end up doing. As far as suggestions, I am not set on an amp type. I'd happily consider tubes, SS, hybrid...

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If it doesn't have to be tube, have you considered an O2? Mine works very well with my FA-003s (soon to become FA-002ws, if the package from St. Petersburg ever actually gets here!).

Alternatively, I suppose the M-Stage is one to consider......

I guess the Darkvoice isn't going to like your Grados! OTLs rarely do...biggrin.gif
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I haven't actually had a chance to hear this one, but I suspect it might be right up your street:


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Originally Posted by CJG888 View Post

I guess the Darkvoice isn't going to like your Grados! OTLs rarely do...biggrin.gif

Didn't even think about that. Damn it!


You mention the O2...I have thought about it. I was looking at the one from JDS Labs (just got one of their cMoys, great to deal with). Only thing that turns me away is that it's such a transparent amp according to reviews and it's design. Not sure how that would sound with the Grados. Then again, it might be a nice change from the warmth of my LD1+.

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It may be transparent, but it's still on the warm side of neutral. If you still find it too bright, you can always add a tube buffer!
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