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It's only three months old, and it's in very good condition. An odd thing I've found is that when no audio is playing on my iMac, it unlocks itself and then goes to sleep, but not with Audirvana in hijack direct mode!!! Hmm...


What I am really here for is this:


I have it hooked up to a Bottlehead Crack. The Crack does have a bit of an issue I noticed yesterday where it seems to have some noise from the wifi on my iMac (it happens when I load new webpages).


But, it's definitely the Crack there.


Now, for the meat and potatoes:


When I have the volume on the Crack almost all the way up (of course with nothing playing, there's a high pitched whistle that is coming from the left channel of my Sennheiser HD650's. This only happens when the DAC is locked on a frequency, and is louder (though still very quiet) on the 192kHz upsampling setting than the 96kHz upsanpling setting on the DAC.


Another interesting thing is that as soon as it is at it's loudest, if I turn the volume know up just a little bit more, up all the way, it completely goes away. So it gets louder, and then simply drops off.


What do you think is the cause of this?


Thank you guys very much!!!


Ben aka MacKat