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Tweaks on the AKG K240 Studios

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Hey everyone, Im getting the Akg k240 Headphones and I want to know if some of the following tweaks are possible.


1. Can I replace the earpads with velvet ones?


2. Can i just use a coat of green nail polish to paint over the gold rings?


3. Where can I get a mini-xlr flat line cord?

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Have you thought about just getting the MKII's?

They come with both pleather pads and velvet pads (and are apparently more comfy than the Studios, but I've never tried the Studios)

They won't require any painting with nail polish, which seems an odd choice, would destroy the re-sell value.


As for the flat cable, I'm not sure, never looked for one for my MKII's I like the cable as it is! Although the MKII's also come with both a straight cable and a coiled cable :)


But you can definitely replace the pads on your new cans!

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