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Shure cable replacement

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I'd like to replace my srh440 with a shorter, straight cable.
I know that the HPASCA1 named replacement cable can be obtained but 1,5m is too long and in my country it is quite expensive.
The best solution would be a 2,5mm "bayonet" jack connector which is used by Shure but I can't find it anywhere
Do you have any idea?

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Replace the 3.5mm female jack in the SRH440 to accommodate 3.5mm plugs instead.  Then build your own cable or buy a regular mini stereo cable from anywhere of the length that you want.


Or you can buy a lightly used Shure straight cable from some individual and cut it to the length that you want then add a new plug.  You keep the 2.5mm "bayonet" connector, of course, so you can plug the cable into your headphone.

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