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I need Headphones

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I am looking to buy headphones for listening to music on my phone with. I only want to spend up to £30 ($50). I want them to be foldable and ideally with a carry case so that I can put them in my bag during school. I also want them to be fairly isolating, so that noises around me don't affect my music. I listen to Liquid DnB and melodic dubstep, so deep bass is a priority. I do not know much about headphones, I have only ever owned Turtle Beaches so I don't really know what to expect. For portability at this price most people seem to recommend the Sennheiser PX 100-II or the Koss Porta Pro, but these seem to be lacking in isolation so I probably do not want these. Currently I am looking at the Denon AH-P372 (£25). Is this a good choice? What would be better?

Thanks in advance!

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Anyone? I want an audiophiles opinion before I buy anything :P

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If you want isolating then you'd be better off with set of iems frankly.



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I have IEMs right now but I can't keep them in my ears, which is a reason I want to get headphones.

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Can't think of any portable headphones with good isolation, especially with your budget. Maybe you can have a look here. What IEM are you using? Maybe you should get another one like Shure because they fit perfectly like most people due to their small nozzles and good selection of tips provided. But they cost quite a lot, so...

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Piggi, if you can wait until Next Month,  the JVC400 is going to be sold in the States,  seems like its sounds alike or better than the S500,   and i am telling you that the S500 sounds amazing for the price


Price of the S400 will be around $40.

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Foldable with isolation and not in-ear is pretty tough at that price point. Have a look at the AKG K81dj. The head-fi thread for them is here.
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