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IEM's for my wife

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After listening to better quality headphones, my wife has seen the light. I have convinced her to let me buy her some IEM's to replace her pathetic iPhone stock buds.


She does not want anything obtrusive in size like my UE triplefi 10's that is for sure. I am wondering, if there are any suggestions. I will pay around $100 as she is still going to listen to dirty mp3 with them. I feel anything better is un-warranted considering the source files. 


My guess is she would like something light, and non obtrusive. I am not certain wether she would be willing to wrap the cables around her ears or not. Is there many IEM's that can be worn the more traditional way? Please tell me some "female friendly" designs if there is such a thing.


Any help would be appreciated.



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I will recommend the Klipsch Image X5 if you can find these bacause they are discontinued (X10 are also recommened) but they sound very good for the price and they are lighweight. The others IEMs like JVC FXD80, Sony XBA2 are also small in size and sound great for the price.

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Why don't you check out |joker|'s massive iem thread? It's got quite a number of choices at your budget, with descriptions one whether they're best over the ear or straight down.
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Can the x5 be worn down?
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yes both X5, X10 can worn down and they different soundsignature like X10 has warm bassheavy sounsignature and X5 has neutral airy soundsignature with good punchy bass.

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I ordered a pair of X10i's from a Head-fier brand new sealed box. Got a great price too!

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