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Bose QC2 sound better than HD598?

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Hello, you.

I've bought a pair of refurbished Sennheiser HD 598 headphones and they're pretty good, but when I compared them to my dad's Bose QC2...

The HD 598 didn't sound, but felt tinny, if you know what I mean. I think the clarity of it is... not that great.

Vocals don't sound as real, again, IYKWIM. They feel distant, in a way. Consonants and breaths don't sound as good on these as the Bose. Drums, cymbals, bells, glockenspiels, ect. also sound better on the Bose.

It doesn't feel as involving as the Bose in some songs. The bass is also not as powerful bu I already knew that.

The only cons of the Bose QC2 is that its soundstage feel reeeally small, but everything sounds recessed. It also is fatiguing.

I haven't listened to the Bose a lot, so I don't think I've gotten used to it, although they were the first "quality" headphones I've tried.

I really want to like these, I really do, as I got the Sennheisers as a signifigant "upgrade" from the Bose, but it sounds only a bit better than the Bose. Do I need to burn them in? Get an amp? Send a warranty claim?

...Get new headphones? Or is there some quality I missed, other than soundstage, relaxed but bright signature, clear sound, and imaging? If I do get new headphones, I'll probably buy the HiFiMan HE-400.
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Ask your question here 


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what are you driving them with.

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You probably just don't like their sound signature.  I don't like it much either.  You might like the HE-400.

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The Beyer Dynamic  DT880, DT990, AKG K701 are very detailed with wide soundstage but they need AMPs help(are you AMPing the HD598?).

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Bose aren't nearly as bad as people make them out to be. They are a bit pricey and the QC2 has by far the best active noise canceling. 

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