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I am currently at home, running a Nuforce HDP as DAC and headphone amp. From the online reviews the HDP is considered good enough to drive the T1.


I am comparing the T1 against the Senn HD650, Beyerdynamic 770 and AKG 702.


And the T1 is the worst of the lot! It lacks the bass of the 770 (although usefully removes some of the edginess of the treble), and although natural, in general it sounds muffled, weak. I can only assume this is the amp?/


My favourite of the lot is the 702 - to my ears it sounds halfway between the 650 and the 770 - losing the opression and overengineered sound of the former and excessive brightness of the latter. Its very balanced. Physically they are also the most comfortable.


Anyone care to share any thoughts on the T1 and also AKG more generally? I am concidering trailling the Q701 and 701 also now before deciding on one finally.