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Exclusive Mode

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Im tired of having to close Jriver media player everytime I want to watch a youtube video and get the sound to work. If I remove excluse access to jriver and change the exclusive mode setting of my dac, will it change the sound quality?


BTW my windows sound have been turned off, so no bing :)

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Why not just watch the YouTube video inside JRiver Media Center?


What version do you run?  There are some nice features when watching within the later MC versions.

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did not know the it reads youtube video i will try it

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I have purshased the 17 version

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On the left hand pane is the Tree, go to the Video section and under 'Connected Media' you will find YouTube, Hulu, Google Video and others . . .

plus you can add more yourself 

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Thanks for the info for jriver but does it degrade sound quality

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YouTube sound quality leaves a lot to be desired in most cases anyway, but JRiver does pride themselves on good sound quality so I suggest you bring this up on their support forum. If there is anyway they can improve it I expect they will do so. Sorry it did not help

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