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**Please be nice (LOL), this is my first review here and this is a review based on personal preference and sound, not based on style or cots, etc. I review these headsets on my android devices (Nexus 7 tablet and HTC Sensation).  I am no way an audiophile, but I do like what I like. :)
Review on some new headphones I just got in today. I have reviewed a pair of SOL Republic Tracks HD {on another forum :)}, where this is the upgrade of that. 
Having said that, I have some experience in breaking these in. I have not properly done so, but I don't think it needs too much longer to do so. The Ultras sport only in one color, blue and white. Not a bad color combo, but wish there were some other ones to choose from. I did like my white ones. :P
As you see in the pics, they toned down the packaging and slimmed it down, which is good for the recycling gods :). Next you see the cans or sound stages as they call it. They are memory foam type ear covers which are NIIIIIIICE and soft lol.  What I did notice about these cans are that the "SOL" logo is now etched rather than painted on,which is cool I guess, but subject to more scratches IMO. It is titanium like the Tracks HD, but with just that little modification. Not bad per se, just different, which I like...:)
Next is the headband. Nice clear-ish, moderately transparent headband that is very Tron like IMO, not a bad thing either, I like Tron lol....
Now the other difference I see in the components comes in the form of the headphone cord. It's tangle resistant, but I feel a bit softer than the Tracks HD cord. This is not a bad thing, again, just different. Not sure why they changed that up. 
With the cord plugged into the Sensation, my powerAmp fired up like it's supposed to (LOVE powerAmp btw) and started playing the Laser's album. Great album to test out the base and to break them in. The cord has the mic and buttons that are "i" certified but not "a" certified lol. Let me tell you that the mic works fine when pulling up google now by longpressing the button and asking if it will rain tomorrow.
I also use the jays headset app to control volume with the center button too. Now any long press brings up google now, I had to adjust my settings for two short taps for volume down and three short taps for volume up. Kinda annoying, but that's what I got to work with. If anyone knows of a better app to control the volume, please let me know. :good:
Ok, now the sound. How does it sound? Pretty awesome! Better than the Tracks HD? Yes! Is it worth the upgrade? Well if you have the Tracks HD and are more than happy then no. But if you can sell your Tracks HD for a good price and get these at an awesome price, then YES lol.  
I mean the bass is a itty bitty on the bass-heavy side. Yet again, NOT a bad thing. They are not overly bass heavy so it's perfect for me.
Now I have been listening to this album for over two hours and working and I have to say is awesome. I adore these headsets. I wear glasses and these on ear headphones are a delight to wear. :cool:

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