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Does anyone ever use their Ety 6's for PC Gaming?

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I posted this on another forum but didnt get a huge resonse, sorry if you've seen this already.

Basically I am pretty serious about getting the Ety ER6. They will mostly be used for listening to music but there are times when I will be using them for computer gaming use. The games I play need a good sound to indicate location of an enemy. I use the DSP Pro for surround sound gaming but was wondering if the ER6 still did a good job. Please, if anyone has ever used theirs in games please let me know! I appreciate any help you can give me!
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I tried using the ER-6 to listen to MP3's on my computer. The chord really only have 3 feet of usable length, so getting extension is recommended. I have not used the ER-6 for games yet, so i can't comment on the postional part of your inquiry.

If you like to play games in the same room with your friends, ER-6 will make it hard to communicate with other people because they isolate quite a bit of noise. If you need to hear people talking to you while you play games, you may want to get open headphones.
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I have used these at a lanparty with no extension cord... I had to turn my computer around and prop it on a towel so the cord could reach my head... As for the islolation, couldn't hear anything my teammates were saying, not good. ER6s are horrible for games. It's not that they sound bad, but the imaging is NOT what was meant for games. The soundstage is 99% inside your head, meaning if there's someone behind you, will sound like they're behind you only inside your head, hard to explain. For these reason's I bought the Senn 570s on UBid.com for 65 bux shipped, heard they were great on imaging and I'll only be using them for games.

I highly recommend you ONLY use the ER6s for when you are doing some dedicated listening, such as sitting down and just listening to music, you'll be impressed with what the etys have to offer. Of course you have to get used to the sound first, which will take about a week.

I like to just put them on, sit in my comfy chair, close my eyes, and just listen. Some would think that's boring, but with these, they aren't. Some say the Etys are boring, sterile, too detailed/clean. Well to me that's so damn impressive that I'm just sitting there listening, and I'm enjoying the fact that it's so damn clean, detailed, etc.
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Yea, if you can dig uber-positional-accuracy-that's-only-in-your-head, Ety's should be great for gaming, hehehehe....
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