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For Sale:
Plethora of inexpensive phones... JVC RX700, Technical Pro HPT990, Yuin G2A, FX40, MP 8320

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm a sucker for bargain headphones, but I have too much stuff now.


JVC HA-RX700, $28.

A perennially popular budget choice. I find these huge but very comfortable. The sound is great. Not as detailed as higher priced phones, but with good bass and a very pleasing sound signature to me.


Technical Pro HPT990 (clones of Takstar HI 2050s), $40. sold

These are the best sounding option here to me. I really like their tone and soundstage, but the wife complains about the leakage (they are open phones after all), so they have to go. Includes the case. These are barely used.


Yuin G2A, $35.  sold

These are sans ear clips, because I can't find them. I put them on this cheapo headband long ago. Wonderful clarity. Check the reviews.


2 sets, Monoprice 8320 iems, $10 for both. sold

One set is unopened, the other has a pair of knock-off Sony tips on it that improved it to me. I will include two more sets of unused tips. I bought these to check out iems in general, but don't like the feeling.


JVC HA-FX40B, $12.  sold

I bought these recently to see if the reason I didn't like the Monoprice was due to fit. Well, these do fit me better but I have confirmed that iems are not for me. Comes with the extra tips included by JVC.

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