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Should I get a Condenser mic?

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I am currently using a Peavey PVi100 Dynamic mic, but I am wanting to get something different.. Need something for recording vocals decently.. I was looking into Condenser mics, cause I know they are good for recording, and Dynamic mics are good for live shows, cause they aren't that sensitive when amps are around..
I am having some issues with the mic I currently have.. Idk if it's the Scarlett 2i2, or the mic, but when I talk over Skype, or vent, it starts out really, really, really low, and when others are talking, it seems like my mic cuts out + there is A LOT OF STATIC, on the line... I got the mic for $30, at my local guitar store, back in 2007-2008, when I used to be in a few local post hardcore/alternative bands, so I am using it, until I get a new one..
My budget is $50 - $100.. Don't want to spend a lot, just need something that doesn't sound terrible, so people can hear my sexy, low, seductive voice, at high quality ^__-
I am looking to hook it to my Scarlett 2i2, so I presume, either XLR - XLR, or XLR to 1/4 :3
- SMOR3S - Kevin -
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Microphones aren't really my expertise, but I have heard great things about the Samson C01 for a condenser mic in its price range. (I started looking into it because they're sold with SR850 headphones pretty often.)


They go for around $50-60 used, but note that any filters or shock mounts will cost extra and likely push you closer to $100.


Some think the Audio-Technica AT2020 is less colored for vocals, and it's roughly in the same price range (again, used and not including filters or mounts).


Both are XLR mics with a 48V phantom power requirement; your Scarlett 2i2 should handle them with no problems.


Hopefully, that helps you get an idea of what to look into.

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