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I was currently thinking about purchasing a beyer dt880 600ohm which is a midfi closed can and an ultrasone signature pro which is a high-fi closed can. I would normally think the the dt880 would sound better since its open (I listen to rock and metal mostly so I don't need so much bass emphasis), but I saw threads of people debating between the tesla t1 and the edition 8. A lot of people said they prefered the edition 8, and it's a closed can while the t1 is open. If I bought the signature pro, would it outperform the dt880 600 ohm and would I use it at home instead of the dt880, or would the dt880 be better for me when I'm listening at home where I don't need isolation since it's open? I was planning on buying the dt880 for home listening since it's open and the signature pro as a portable headphone, but it wouldn't make sense to buy the dt880 if the SigPro will sound better. Would it be a smarter choice to buy a hifi open headphone and a mid-fi closed headphone instead?