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Bowers and Wilkins MM-1 DAC/AMP

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Hey there,


Noticed how there is a lack of interest towards speakers, specifically computer speakers. Can anyone describe to me how these $500- B&W are? I know the sound is very good for a near-field speaker, but i'm more interested in the DAC function. It has an internal DAC/amp -- can it be used to power HD600's or equiv?

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I bought some Bose CP5's 3 weeks ago. I really like them but this AM I saw the Bowers & Wilkens A7 introduced on Engadget! They are pricy but I'm returning the Bose this AM and will wait for the A7 at the Apple store. After I bought the Bose(unaware of anything else in this genre) I researched every kind of high end speakers and found the B&W to be very highly acclaimed. The A7 will do 24/192 and the Bose is limited to 16/48. BUT I really liked the DAC that was built in to the Bose.




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thanks! bump.....


If I invest $500 in these will the AMP/DAC line out function of these perform at least on par with $100 dedicated -AMPS/DACS

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What will you do if you plan to change the speakers later? You'll lose your DAC and AMP as well.

IMO its better to keep these elements separate in the chain.


Get a pair of near field monitors like M-Audio, along with a DAC and (if required) a headphone amp. Or you can go for a receiver + bookshelf speakers.

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I meant that I would be spending money on these in instead of a $100-200 amp... it's an internal DAC from B&W -- can't be that bad, right?

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And I only have room for 2.0 speakers. College dorm. Can't even fit in much cheaper h/k soundsticks iii :<

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I have the MM-1s, and I like them.  That said, I don't use them as headphone DAC.  What they will do for you is isolate the DAC from the noisy power supply in a computer.  I'd recommend a HeadRoom Total BitHead for a college student with your setup, but then again, it looks like you bought the MM-1.  How do you like it?

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It's the best set of 2.0 speakers I've come across -- idk so much about the DAC/amp function since I don't have a set of full sized cans to test it out with. Totally worth the $500... :D

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Cool.  I really like the speakers.  In my office, I can listen to them at low levels at a near field without disturbing others (but I have my main headphone system in the office and like to use that often).

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I have some M200MKIII's and love them. With the shipping they turned out to be around $500 and they look and sound amazing. 

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