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For Sale: WTB: Fischer FA-003 Earpads

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For Sale:
WTB: Fischer FA-003 Earpads

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm looking for the original Fischer FA-003 earpads. Fischer changed their earpads sometime during production, and I'm looking for the "MK1" version.  Here's how to tell:


MK1:  Thicker pad, the material used on the inside edge (the side surrounding your ear when worn) is a different kind of material than the one used on the front face (the side that touches your head) and the outside.  The inside edge uses a stiffer material. 


MK2:  All 3 sides of the pad are made of the same material.  Pad is not as thick as MK1


Here are some pictures showing the differences.  I'm willing to pay up to 50 dollars for a pair.  Hopefully that is incentive enough.





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I am not 100% sure,but I think I may have them--Please PM me



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pm & pics sent

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