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Are there any E11 fakes?

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I've been thinking about getting the FiiO E11 or FiiO E7 after wanting a portable setup, and I love my FiiO E10 which I've been using for a year now.

I believe I want the E11 as it looks to be a better amplifier, and the E7's DAC is useless as it doesn't work with a portable player.


The E11 in the UK right now is as expensive as the E7 and is too expensive at £60 from Amazon, I've seen them on eBay coming from the US and Hong Kong for £40, but I'm worried they may be fakes, are there any fakes of the E11 right now or could there be?




One of the eBay listings I was looking at:

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Not, we have not found any fake E11 by now.

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are there any fake e 11 yet? I just got mine from a seller in the USA. Hope not!
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Haven't seen a fake one since they came out.

Should be pretty safe. 

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just check the secret code on our website and you get the answer

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