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Getting into Vinyl - Consultation

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I am thinking about entering the world of vinyl after 'discovering' some of my dads old records and I am wanting some advice on purchases. So far, what i'm thinking is a Project debut carbon to a Cambridge Audio 640p-b or Azur 651p. 

My budget for a tt+turntable is around $650 Aud, but is this combo above decent? I can get the Project for around $400 and the 640p-b for $200 (ex-demo). I have found the 651p new for $300 on addicted to audio, and i was wondering wether it is worth it (i read somewhere that it just has an on button extra, dont really know the difference). 

If anyone can help, that would be wonderful. :)


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Can't comment on the TT but I have the 640p and am very pleased with it. I did a lot of research when purchasing my vinyl setup and at this price point it seems you can't really beat CA's phono stage. I heard about the subsequent release of the 651p, looked into it, and if I recall correctly the only difference is the power button - perhaps introduced to make it more 'green'.


I believe project turntables have a good reputation - I went Rega, which might another manufacturer to look into.

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Yeah, from what i found it seems pretty good, thanks for the input.

If its only the power button then i'll save $100 and get the 640p.

I'll look into Rega, how is the RP1 if anyone knows?

Thanks for your advice

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There are so many choices in tables new and used that it boils down to the best deal you can find.  I had both the the 640p and the MF VLPS, I liked the VLPS a tad better, a little more organic sounding plus you can the better power supply down the road.

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I have the 651p and love it.  The 640p might be the way to go though.  They are probably identical but the 640 is cheaper and has already been successfully modded (hypnotoad).


The Debut Carbon would also be a great first turntable.  The 2m cartridge hits well above its class after 100+ hours of break-in.  Be prepared to get addicted to vinyl.

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Alright I'm going to get the 640p ($200) but I cant decide between the RP1 and the Carbon. Both seem like the top of their class from the reviews i have read, and i was wondering if one has more synergy with the 640p than the other. If they cant be split on sound, which is the most robust and easy to use? Apparently they are both fairly easy to operate and can both be upgraded at a later point. I really dont know how to split the two.

Thanks for the help everyone :)

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You're going to have a mixed bag, both fun and frustration. For less frustration get your desired TT from an audio specialist retailer and have them install the cartridge. Proper installation of the cartridge is paramount to your satisfaction. The retailer has the speciality tools to get the cartridge geometry right for the best stereo separation and bass response. One more thing, you'll probably want to digitize your albums to get them on your computer; and, this can be accommodated with converter/program packages that are out there for that purpose.

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To be honest I expect the 640p will be a good match for either table. When it comes to matching phono stages I believe it's the cartridge it's being paired with that matters more. At this price point I wouldn't worry too much about equipment synergy, just compatibility.


Entry level turntables are usually all easy to setup - they're often designed with beginners in mind and because of their (relatively) lower price you don't get the more sophisticated adjustment such as vertical tracking angle, etc.


sterling1 makes a good point RE the cartridge. Again, I recall a lot of entry/mid level tables come with a cartridge pre-installed, but if the one you choose doesn't you may need help installing it (it's not that difficult to do yourself but the cantilever is excruciatingly delicate and you need the right alignment protractor which can all get a bit technical). 

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Well my local store has both turntables I just found out smily_headphones1.gif
So I'm going to go audition them and when buy ill be getting them to install the cartridge (thanks sterling).
Thanks everyone, looks like im all set now, ill pick one on its sound when I audition.
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Being able to go into a store and listen to both is the best way to make a decision. Give some thought to cartridge too as this is probably equally (if not more) significant to the sound signature (so both tables should be demonstrated using the same cartridge otherwise the comparison is useless).


If you have a choice of cartridge I would look into the Ortofon MM range if it's an option - i.e. the red or blue. Both are very good budget level cartridges which are easy to install, track well and have replaceable stylus (in fact you can buy the red now and upgrade to the blue later by simply replacing the stylus). The ortofon MM shape makes it very easy to align on Rega arms. There are of course other good options in this price bracket though.

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Yep the store stocks both turntables and the Ortofon MM cartridges. I'm not 100% sure, but the Debut Carbon may come with a 2m red, but it may be a paid for option. frown.gif

If it comes with the cartridge and the RP1 doesn't, the Carbon it is tongue.gif (unless the RP1 also uses this cartridge?)

This is the store, but im not sure how to interpret that first paragraph...


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Purchased the rp1 today, may upgrade the cartridge from the Om5e later, but for now i am happy :)

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Congratulations, I think you've made a good choice there. Did you go with the CA phonostage too? Did the store setup the tracking force and anti-skate for you too? You may want to invest in a force guage at some point (i.e. the shure manual guage or a digital one). Having the tracking force set correctly is important for good sound and ensuring you don't damage the record or cartridge. But of course the most important thing is to kick back and enjoy that sweet analogue sound smile.gif

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I havent bought the 640p yet, im going to order it online. Nah the store didn't set everything up, but they said it is all in the manual (hopefully it is), so i *should* be able to do it. 

I might look up some online tutorials if i have trouble ;)

Thanks for all the help, i will enjoy :)

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Originally Posted by Meddle View Post

Nah the store didn't set everything up, but they said it is all in the manual (hopefully it is), so i *should* be able to do it.




Easy stuff, in the upper right.

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