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Looking online the best portable to mid-sized cans seem to be closed. I personally hate the closed sound for 2 reasons. The bass normally is overpowering and more importantly my ears begin to heat up and sweat. I'm looking to get into modding headphones as soon as I fully have a pair designed out.  I'm looking to mod a pair of closed back headphones with the ad700 drivers. When I used the ad700 I loved everthing about them except 3 things. The headphones were huge, I disliked the wing design and the bass impact was drastically lacking. I plan to transplant them into a much smaller closed headphone and then cut the back of the headphones to allow air flow.  My question becomes what pattern should I cut in the back of the headphones to get air flow and some amount of bass impact? Can you just put foam on the inside of a open headphone and have it become semi-open?


Edit: Also how does the depth of the cup impact the sound?

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