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I just noticed that my EF5 does not have the H/L gain switch on the top under the glass - there is nothing...!? Also mine reads on/off next to the power switch on the front. And on the back the US/EU voltage switch is red not black as in most pictures... The sound from this amp is awful! Bought it on Amazon! Kraft Street Audio I guess fulfilled the order...

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Also just saw a picture of one with a manual next to it, mine came without any form of documentation!

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Yes, you probably got a fake. Return it and buy direct from hifiman...

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Damn my luck! Anyhow, I am glad I bought form Amazon, just spoke to them and they send me a return label and are making an exception and refunding the money to me the minute they see that UPS received the package. 

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Great news. They don't want to tarnish their reputation so they are doing the right thing.

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It's not a fake. The gain switch has been moved to the bottom of the amp. My EF5 also did not have any documentation, but it was authentic.
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There is no need to send it back to amazon. It is most definitely not a fake. For one, I've never heard of any fake hifiman amps, and the company is so small and unknown to anyone not on head-fi that I'd be extremely surprised if there were fakes. Secondly, hifiman made slight revisions in the last 6 months or so to the ef-5 (for the better). I got a replacement directly from hifiman recently and the new unit has the gain switch on the bottom of amp, on/off lettering, and most importantly of all the volume control is greatly improved. You'll notice on your amp that you move the volume up and down in "bump" increments (i guess the word im looking for is stepped). the old units had a smooth and break prone dial. Hope that puts you at ease, keep the amp and enjoy. it's wonderful

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Some Headphone amps manufacturers tend to launch new revisions of their gear. You don't have to worry, shoot an email to head-direct just in case. 

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OK, I am a little more calm now reading this, and I actually haven't shipped it back yet. I wil still talk to Hifiman tomorrow though. 


But, why I am getting such poor sound then?

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Define "poor."  Plus, it takes time for the tube to burn in.  For the brief time I had the EF5, it didn't sound poor, but it wasn't anything special to where I felt compelled to keep it.

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Poor means significantly worse than my computers headphone out. Meaning distant, sounds like the IEM's are rattling and the bass is uneven rumbling/shaky as if under water. In general it sounds like when you pull out the headphone plug just a smidgen and get the unclear yet not yet mono sound. 

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Problem found! I went and got a hex-key set and removed the protective glass/plastic and pulled out the tube. It is missing a connector-pin, only eight and one is clearly not there, doesnt even look like it was broken off at some point, looks like it was never attached. I am ordering some new tubes...

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Sorry for all the commotion

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Glad you found the problem.  Also, keep in mind that usually, IEM + tubes don't mix well.

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