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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT Burson HA-160DS

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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT Burson HA-160DS

Will Ship To: Continental US

I have a Burson HA-160DS DAC/Amp that I would like to trade for something with similar specs. I'd consider trading for a Soloist straight up or an HA-160 (Amp only) + cash. But also open to whatever offers for trade (Desktop amps ONLY) that you have.


Can take pictures of the actual unit (which is about 8 months old) some time next week after a planned trip out of town.


Nothing to trade? How about $750 shipped to the Continental US?

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Post with a pic of my actual amp (in action):

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I'm interested. Still for sale? Does it have USB input. I want to connect to MacBook Pro. With denon d5000. Looks like from your pics u had similar combo. How was it? My email is
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Hi there. Funny I haven't used it with my Macbook Pro, only my PC. I should though but I only have MOG and Clementine player on this and not playing much ALAC files off this (it's a work laptop).


It's still available though and reason I'm switching is to upgrade to a more higher powered amp for some HE-6's in my future. They do great on the D5000s tho for dubstep. :)

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