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Originally Posted by ReaperZ View Post

Are there any recommended sellers people can advise me to use to import a fresh pair?

I'm powering my pair with an Oppo HA-2, the bass extends so deep and low without mudding the highs, I truly love them.


Hi, in case you do not find any elsewhere you could consider the real pro model from Yamaha, the HPH MT220 that is really a nice hp.



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HPH Pro 500 for sale $100 AUD for headfi folks! Link below. Found it while browsing gumtree today. Just a heads up for those that wanna try the cans at a cheap price!

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I am selling my largely unused Pro 500s. PM me if interested. Looking for $150 + shipping + Paypal fees. Comes with the original packaging and accessories.

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Just doing a favour for our British and EU members, the Pro-500 is now just £120, an outrageously good deal! down from £250


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