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Originally Posted by nicolo View Post


The midrange is perfectly fine IMO. The highs are pretty extended and airy for closed cans. That coupled with hard hitting bass makes some people feel that the mids are recessed.

hmmm thats what i kinda figured (let alone im a little annoyed most consider a large low end a bad thing around here from time to time LOL)


by chance have you tested these against the fidelio X2s? (just out of curiosity)

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Originally Posted by mechavore884 View Post

hmmm thats what i kinda figured (let alone im a little annoyed most consider a large low end a bad thing around here from time to time LOL)


by chance have you tested these against the fidelio X2s? (just out of curiosity)


I have both of them:)


The X2's are super comfortable while the Pro 500 is not very comfortable after a while. In terms of soundstage, the X2s beat the Pro 500 as expected since they are open back cans. The 500 does have a pretty decent soundstage for a closed can.


They are both fun headphones. The X2's are warm with a mid-bass hump, while the Pro 500s sound cleaner with deeper hard-hitting bass and rumble. In terms of midrange, the 500s sound more forward due to the smaller soundstage. I found the treble of the 500s to be better than the X2s which sound a little rolled-off.


In terms of bass, both cans have high impact bass but differ how it's emphasized. The Pro 500s go deeper and have more rumble, while the X2s have a more pronounced mid-bass hump and have less rumble. Depends on your preference.


The X2s are more resolving than the 500's and have better imaging. The 500's sound is more blended while the X2s have a more detailed presentation. They sound more relaxed than the 500s. The 500s were tuned to be exciting cans with big bass, good midrange and treble. The X2s were tuned to be more fun without all the extra drama.


I ultimately prefer the X2s over the 500s due to the larger soundstage, comfort and resolution.

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TYTY sirrrrr. its funny because i really would like to hop on the X2s (i could be wrong but i hear they take a bit to drive). Then again after checking out the X2 owners thread im a little weary considering the QC issues that seem to be popping up :/ . From your experiences would an amp help out the 500s?

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The 500's run fine from my laptop without any loss in dynamics or punch, They're pretty efficient. On the other hand my laptop does have a decent headphone output, so YMMV. The X2s do need a little more power to drive but not too much. For example, the volume level is at 26 for the 500s on my laptop while it's at 40 for the X2s.The X2s do benefit more than the 500s with an amp.


I would still suggest getting a DAC+Amp comb like the iBasso D42, which pairs really well with both the 500s and the X2. The D42 has a neutral sound signature and more than enough power to drive most headphones. 

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I see, currently i use a Fiio E11 and HIFIDIYME USB Dac (the asynch blah blah blah) it sucks I really wish there was a shop or some place in the area that has the 500s so i can take a listen. While Im at it are the 400s very different than the 500s? I know specs only mean but so much but i see very little differences between the two

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Not heard the 400s. I got the 500s when their price dropped to around $160 on Amazon. At that time there was a $20 price difference between the 400s and the 500s. So i got the 500;)

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HAHAH guess i can't blame you there

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Got my 500s about 2 weeks ago. Been breaking them in but out of the box was spectacular sound anyway. W sound sig is probably my favorite. Plugged into a player these phones power real nice with a sturdy solid low end, slightly recessed mid range with a nice boost in the upper mids which is great for female vocals, and highs that are dynamic, clean and natural. The phones are rather on the warm side overall but are really detailed. Lots of energy and lots fun. Whither its opeth, or carcass, or bad religion or ayumi hamasaki or Alice deejay these HP's handle everything really well.

The only thing soundwise that I'm personally not crazy about is how the sound changes significantly depending on dap or amp used. My cayin c5 really pushes the low end on these headphones really hard. Even with boost off the 500s just want to thump making it a EDM, hip-hop, pop type of modern sound headphone to me. Cayin is a warm bassy amp so probably just need a cold clinical sounding amp to tame the beast. Aside from that I'mhappy just going straight into a dap. Less bulk and easier portability that way.

Speaking of portability. I'm not sure these headphones are portable even though they fold up. These things are silly big. Silly heavy too. The aluminum earcups really weigh these down. That said, comfortability for me is fine. Clamping pressure out of the box is a smidgy bit tight but stretching and working em out helped almost immediately. Ear pads are hard so really until they soften up they are not comfortable at all. Luckily for me though they fit my head out of the box. With no adjustment they just fit. My head/cap size is 7 1/4 round with a round to slightly egghead shape. Wearing a ballcap under the phones really helps a lot. Also while the ear cups are small in circumference, my smedium sized ears fit completely inside. Probably why these are not so uncomfortable for me. They are not comfy,but they are not uncomfy.

Be back with more thoughts later.
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Using xduoo x3 and cayin c5 on low out no boost really digging animals by Pink Floyd. Even with boost switched on its working nicely. Pink Floyd and bass get along real well.
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For the first time I took the headphones to work today. Xduuo x3 into cayin C5. Listened from 9am to about 3pm with no discomfort and no fatigue. The headphones sound extraordinary. Started off my morning listening to denki groove(synth pop), and oracle(ambient). Followed that up with some Amorphis, some Cathedral and the Hellecopters.

Got to say that my first impression of recessed mids no mater how slight is totally false. Not sure if its due to burn in or probably my ears getting used to the Yamaha's but not only is the feeling of overwhelming bass gone but the impression that mids were scooped a bit, probably due to the feeling of overwhelming bass, was also gone. Guitars were loud and crunchy and were on equal footing with the bass. One didn't overpower the other to my ears, and lead work/guitar solos were way out in front and boosted. That's probably due to the bump in the upper mids that allows female vocals to breathe.

Anyway I guess it was a shock to my system,but now I love the synergy I'm getting with C5. I have also just only exclusively been using the Yamaha's for a few days so as to not allow myself to dirty the waters.

It's a shame these things are so awkward for almost every human on earth, because these are easily top 10 quality headphones in regards to sound and construction. Shame that no one talks about them. Yamaha should redesign these things to a more portable size.
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