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Originally Posted by navii View Post

another review - http://www.headphoneinfo.com/content/yamaha-pro-500-review


check out "the science" section for some graphs.

The CSD plot at the above link shows a pretty fast response above 1kHz, in line with some of the better headphones in the CSD thread:




Interestingly, there is definitely more "hang" in the Pro500 response for low frequencies, somewhat like a loudspeaker would in a smallish room. 


This headphone has always sounded closer to a loudspeaker to me as compared to other headphones (which is a good thing).  The CSD info seems to confirm that. 

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Have to agree.   Probably best sounding dynamic driver I've listened to and own.  So revealing while being so musical; those who mention a high level of 'instrument separation' hits the nail on the head.

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I should have picked these up when Amazon Warehouse had them for $187 (Like new used).... damn it! My only concern would be the comfort/fit, but then again Amazon does have a return policy.

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It's worth a try. My head is small/average and they are fine on me. Ear cups are a little on the small size. SQ is amazing to my ears. Very detailed, rich, refined and musical. Timbre is very natural. If these had the comfort and ergonomics of the MDR-1R it'd be the total package. Still for the SQ, I got mine at $322 and felt it was worth every penny.
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The comfort improves a little bit if you extend them out even a half-cm from their fully-closed headband position.  But they are definitely for big noggins in any case.  Or for people who wear baseball caps under their headphones. wink_face.gif

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BTW, in the past I threw-out the idea "I wonder if I could put the Mr.Speaker Alpha Pads over this headphone's cups to increase comfort.  I finally got around the measuring the circumference.  The MadDog Alpha pads are unfortunately well over an inch larger than the circumference of the Pro500, so it's a no-go on that idea.

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Tried the 500, 300, and 400 again. This time I didn't find them uncomfortable at all for some reason. Maybe because I was walking around in the heat. They all have a slightly muffled, closed-in sound but it's not from rolled off treble. It's very smooth and instruments scale well. The 500 is maybe 30% clearer than the 400, that's the big difference. I don't think it's a treble increase. Instruments still sound very real. Acoustic guitars haven't really sounded better to me on other cans. 300 sound just like the 400, except scaled down. The low bass can be very big on these, but it's not the overall bass frequencies that expand. Still thinking these are very well-balanced. Wish these were a tad sharper sounding, but I haven't heard them using my setup. I have a feeling they'll be a lot better with my Sansa clip and O2. I play my RS-1 and K701 on my Sansa/O2 setup the other day and I think it's better than Arcam 73 paired with either Darkvoice 332 or Heed Canamp. RS-1 does not get fatiguing and piercing with the basically neutral Sansa/O2 combo. It definitely has a ton of treble energy and feels like the Millenium Force of headphones. Sometimes I wonder if people who call the Pro 500 a basshead phone are playing it from some high output impedance amp or some colored source.


I've been listening to my Amperior, K550, and UE6000 a lot lately and the Pro 500 is definitely better than these. I'm still not keen on paying $300+ for em, but they're not nearly as overpriced as my RS-1 and the other $400+ stuff I've bought or heard. $300 seems to be where you get into the diminishing returns. UE6000 is well-balanced but too rolled off in the treble. Still more lively and less congested than the Momentum. Amperior can be a bit too forward at times. Not fatiguing, just not expansive enough depending on the song. K550 can sound a little muffled and washed out. Not a good headphone for Dr Feelgood by Motley Crue, for example. It shines a lot more with less congested recordings. Going back to back with the 550 and 558, they seem to place stuff in similar spots. Instruments, voices, etc. 558 is just more open, warmer, and more grainy. Worse for metal and rock than the 550.


I can't say that there's one beat em all headphone that I've heard. Hearing the pro series for a 3rd time gives me the impression that the 500s will become my #1 phone once I get a hold of it. The others all have one serious flaw or another. Right now I'm trying to stick with the UE6000 mainly. Sounds more lively if I set the O2 to high gain. Pro 500 went back to $320 for both colors now. blah.

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Nice impressions, these are certainly my #1 phones and I agree with your take on the UE6000 (auditioned them briefly), momentum and amperior (owned both). I'm sure they'll drop in price but even at $320 I feel they're worth it, which is not what I think about a lot of cans out there. Like you said several cans out there have either one or a couple issues sonically but I do think that the PRO 500 gets most things right and then some (natural timbre, layering, sparkle without harshness, balanced just to name a few).
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I do need to hear the pro series with some rock, metal, and orchestra stuff. The Fry's demo is jazzy stuff, some electronica dance track, and a song with spanish acoustic guitar. It's enough to get a general idea of how the phones sound, I can't see them falling apart with distorted guitars and orchestras. Did anyone ever do a comparison with the 400 vs the 500 outside of store demos? For all I know they crank the volume or change the EQ on the 500 so that there's a difference. The panel doesn't let you separately configure each phone, nor do the cords have volume switches you can access. Knowing how the Target display made the aviators sound bigger and smoother than they actually are makes me a little skeptical of displays in general. I also tried those diamond tears headphones. Pretty decent. They look better than they sound. Same type of amping as the Yamaha display. The Sony display had all the bloated bass cans(no 1R), amping again sounded pretty similar to the Yamaha. Wish I had an idea what feeds these store displays as they all seem designed to smooth out the sound, hiding flaws and detail both. It's still possible to get an idea of the general sound sig and where the phones place things. The Momentum, K550, HD558, Samson 850, UE6000, and Samson R600 were all cans I heard in a display first. Every single one showed more individual character once I bought them and used em.

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Well I already have enough headphones; but when I read such descriptions I want the pro500 badly.

 I asked at a local store if the pro500 can be available.

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If you get them, I look forward to your impressions.

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did a 30 min demo. 400 has more bass than the others. very noticeable in the electronic kick drums. the pros pan drums wider so they aren't assaulting ur ears unlike most other phones. no fatigue on any model. 300 is more similar to the 500 than 400. just smaller sounding. all 3 are worth getting. 500 vs 400 is more about what you want. extra clarity or extra bass.
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Originally Posted by fateicon View Post

did a 30 min demo. 400 has more bass than the others. very noticeable in the electronic kick drums. the pros pan drums wider so they aren't assaulting ur ears unlike most other phones. no fatigue on any model. 300 is more similar to the 500 than 400. just smaller sounding. all 3 are worth getting. 500 vs 400 is more about what you want. extra clarity or extra bass.

Well the  french website lesnumeriques.com (reviews are generally translated later at digitalversus.com) ,

claims that theYamaha HPH-PRO400  has too much bass and not enough treble (rated 3/5), while the HPH-PRO500  (rated 4/5)  is more neutral.




You can see also that amazon customers rate better the pro500 : 4.5/5 for pro 500 versus 4/5 for pro 400.


And finally at innerfidelity the THD+noise curve are better for the pro 500.

Also the curve are more regular for pro 500 in bass region:

all this suggest that the pro500 have less resonances in cups,

which result in a cleaner sound.


So I'd think that the pro500 looks like an upgrade to the pro400, rather than a matter of taste.


I've noticed the pro400 in a local store, but never seen the pro500. The store never contacted me for the pro500, despite I  gave my mail address.

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no cash but i went back again since the 300 is down to $77 from warehouse deals. I'm not sure what the yamaha rep did. Turns out the 500 has been broken the last few weeks. Thats why I felt it to be more comfortable. The cups are loose and swivel some compared to the 400. Maybe the yamaha rep tightened the 300 and 400, they clamp like a vice. I was told they tweak the phones to fix wear and tear. Maybe the 500 will drop a lot in price like the 300 just did. If it's natural state is to have vice-like clamping force, I can wait til it's under $200 again. The rep did something to brace the 500 cups and make them comfortable after one was extremely loose the last time I was there.
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I need to make a "mod thread" and more on everything when I do (probably not until the weekend).  Until then...


....A Tease...





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