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would the yamahas handle classical orchestra well?

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very well..

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Got these few days ago (black) and I have to say that looks can be deceiving. Well I like how these headphones look but I can understand if someone sees these as beats :)


But when it comes to sound, these headphones sound really really good. Well worth the money (IMO) and I really think these need more attention. My only gripe would be comfort. They clamp bit too hard and and pads are bit too small to my ears. But it is not a deal breaker to me and I get that discomfort only after 1+ hours.


But now I have to get back listening :)

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Hope you enjoy them, they're amazing cans. smily_headphones1.gif
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as i like on ears even more than full size, i still wonder how the 300s sound.

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oh goodness, I've been following these closely these last few days...ahhh, if only i had the money for it. Gosh darn it. I'm trying to build an end game portable rig and these just seem perfect. Has anyone ever seen them this low before? Do I have hope to ever see them again at this price if i miss it?

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Damn, what a deal.
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Anyone heard the Yahama HPH-MT-220


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Nope but I'm interested. They look pretty sweet. They look like they'd be more comfortable and head-conforming than the 500. The question is: do they sound anywhere near as good?
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Originally Posted by roma101 View Post

Damn, what a deal.


Wow... that's a crazy price!!! (effectively ruining my sale! LOL!!!) Hopefully they will go fast enough so at least I can recoup! So if anyone is interested in these, GO TO AMAZON RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!

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Lol I had the same thoughts. I can't believe how quickly these came down in price.
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Amazon deal was for a limited time, price is back up to MSRP.

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Originally Posted by pioferro View Post

Amazon deal was for a limited time, price is back up to MSRP.




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I posted a very brief comparison between the Pro 500s and the M-100s in the "Beats sues Yamaha" thread and Craigster asked me to state my impressions here.


To start, I have to say that my time with the Pro 500s was maybe 3-4 minutes and in that time I listened to the first parts of 3 songs that I listen to often.


Genie (Tell Me Your Wish) by Girls' Generation

Lucifer by Shinee

Rolling in the Deep by Adele


I like these three tracks because they each allow me to experience sound stage, stereo separation, bass and mid-range presence within a short time.

In the song, "Genie," the opening has the sounds of women chatting and walking in high heels on the left channel as they approach the listener before activating a car alarm on the right channel. It's my go to song to see how well the sound stage plays out on closed headphones which can sound congested (HD25-1 II, Portapro) or open headphones which sound insanely wide (SR60i, DT 990, HD 650) compared to my strictly V-MODA roster of headphones. I own the M-80 and the M-100, which have both received "better than average for a closed headphone" sound stage praise. The Pro 500s imaging of this sequence has a very similar spatial positioning to M-100s. The cute Korean chatter amidst  the clacking of women's heels against the concrete sounds a fair distance off, although not quite on par with the open headphones I mentioned earlier.


"Lucifer" is fast-paced, boy band Kpop at its best with lots of fun bass, crazy stereo vocal flourishes, and a persistent hi-hat cymbal in the chorus positioned in the distant left channel. From what I remember, it sounded great on the Pro 500s and the only discernible differences being the mids are more in-your-face than on the M-100s and the bass is boomier and more impactful. Not boomy. Just boomier. The bass, to my ears, sounds more similar to the M-80s bass rendering than it does the M-100s, but it extends deeper that the M-80s.


As for "Rolling in the Deep," Adele has a great voice and I always felt the mastering of this song puts her too far back from the instrumentation. Do you guys get that as well? Every time I listen to this song, I always feel like I should scoot closer to Adele to fully experience her pain and try to console her, but it's like she's holed up at the end of a tunnel and as I scoot closer, she scoots away. It doesn't matter which headphone I use. She's always just out of reach. This feeling is much more apparent with the M-100s mid-range than it is on the M-80s. I think the Pro 500s fall in between these two, but closer to the M-80 in its forwardness.


Regarding the highs, on both the M-100s and Pro 500s I noticed no sibilance, a slight roll-off at the top, and a lack of really crispy, sparkly highs ala Grado or Sennheiser. The highs sounded very similar though the Pro 500s might have some more presence there as well. I can't say for sure.


A quick summary goes thus:

The Pro 500 sounds like an M-100 with similar mid-range and bass impact of the M-80.


Keep in mind this is only a 3-4 minute assessment of a headphone that I am comparing to 2 headphones which share the same manufacturer and which I have spent significant amounts of time tuning my brain to their sounds. 1 year for the M-80 and 4 months for the M-100 versus 3-4 minutes with the Pro 500. Take some salt with this tequila.

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