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Sennheiser HD 598 vs AKG K 272 vs AKG 240MKII [review]

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HI everyone first i want to apologize for my english. I hope it will be readable.I just purchased sennheiser HD 598 and before i bought it i was searching on head-fi and on google for a comparison of sennheiser HD 598 and AKG K 272 or 240 (which i own) So i did a side-by-side compare and here it is:


Fast Compare:

AKG K 272: great isolation, precise sound, great soundstage(space), boomy bass, closed sound a little "muffled", very comfy, fun to listen to, balanced

shines in: rock. (all generes are great)


AKG K 240: precise sound, punchy bass, clear sound, dark sounding, relaxing, balanced, good comfort, open sounding (not as good as senn).

shines in: metal (very good), (any other generes are also great)


Sennheiser HD 598: very comfy, punchy tight bass(a little overpowered for my taste), huge soundstage, very clear and open sounding, fun to listen to (colored)

shines: Female Vocals, accoustic music. (and is great almost in every generes)


(for more info read along):


So lets start with AKG K 272:

These are closed cans , i will not write any specifications ( i think you already know it if you are reading this).

So lets start with comfort and isolation, The isolation on these is prety good, not as good as on DJ cans but its good enaugh so enviroment will not disturb you, they do leak some sound out, but its just a bit so somebody next to you will hear what are you listening to but it will not disturb him its just a little noise. About the comfort, these are Very comfortable you can wear them about 12 hours without any problem, they are light and sitting nice on my ears. 

And now the main thing:


They do have closed can fealing (suprisingly :D) the sound is little rolled of " a litle muffled" , they have prety good depth and space "soundstage" in the sound, space is bigger than on AKG K 240 i think, but a lot thiner than on HD 598 . The bass is precise and strong but feels more boomy than on AKG K 240 or senn: where the bass is more punchy. The clarity of the sound is

i dont want to say: "the worst" cause its great but its the least clear sounding of these 3 but its still prety good, but it has realy detailed sound maybee more detailed than senns, i cant say cause i am only begginer but feels like there is going a lot more detail in the sound of 272 than 598. i think it is faster sounding than 240, almost any genere sounds good on these. I listen to all generes like: acustic music, dance, elektronica, house, pop, rock, metal and these do pretty well in all of these. the mids are good, voices are good, the sound feels precise but fun to listen to. for 160 dollars its realy good deal. They are realy a headphone which is fun to listen to.


The second: AKG K 240MKII

These are Semi-Open

Man these sound great, for my taste :D. Its a lot "closer (nearer to your ear)" sounding than the 272HD a lot airier and clearer.

They do not have that big space in the sound that the 272 do, but they sound better for my taste i was listening to some linkin park (they sounded great but i think they sounded better on the 272HD) than i listen to some metal Like "Nightwish I want My tears back"  i tought: they sound really great and then the guitar solo comes: and i dont know how it is said in english :D in our language its a goose skin :D or chill on the back, it sounded awesome, the upclose sound on the guitar sounded awesome. They are dark sounding and that makes them relaxing i think. I realy enjoyed the sound. They are fun to listen to but they do not sound so fast i think, so i find them relexing :D, the mids are great, the high frequencies are also great the bass is punchy and its strong, not "boomy" (thats great for me). They sound precise not colored at all i think.


About comfort: they are not as comfortable as the 272HD are, but its still very very good i can wear them all day and nothing hurts. :D

Isolation is something between HD 598 and 272HD, its isolating, but not as good as HD 272HD and not so little like the HD 598 do. Definitly not for loud enviroment they do leak a lot noise out too.


And Finaly the HD 598


As i heared the 240 and 272, I did not thought that something can sound better in this price range. When i first heard HD 598 my fealings were: Oh thats clear! and my mouth went down when i heared the huge soundstage. :D For me the sennheiser HD 598 is top of these 3, its a lot clearer and airier sounding than the 240, It has a huge soundstage  "huge space". The mids are awesome, colored but the details are there, the highs are really really great and the Voices sound amazing, Female voices especially , The bass is tight, punchy, strong for my taste a litle more stronger than i like, but its ok , They generally sound a lot Brighter than the AKGs. For my taste the Huge soundstage, bright , relaxing, detailed sound wins, if you want more darker sounding headphone go with the 240 they are really great too , they are not colored, they are precise but although fun sounding. the 240 is realy good opponent to HD 598 but its diffrent sounding headphone, it depends only on your taste for me the HD 598 sounds better. 


PS: I am just a begginer in better headphones so if you dont agree so post coment and we can discuss about it :D.

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Very good reviewbeerchug.gif

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Nice reviews. The 240s will always be my first headphone love. Nobody can pretend they're technically amazing or have a cutting-edge, high-resolution sound or anything but they're just something you put on and have trouble taking off.

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You're right. I really really really wanted the K240; dreaming with them kind of want. Then I tried the 595 and the 598...and the bass, soundstage, and imaging got me. They are definitely the best bang for the buck! Still, I prefer the AKG's styling over the 5XX series flagships'. 

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