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When I was young (say mid 80's) I had a DT 48 A with the round grey earpads.

Amazing sound, but traded it for a Sennheiser 414 or so, bad trade.


For 4 months now I got a 1967 DT48S (25 Ohm). Amazing, I got that sound back.!!

I got myself a new pair of oval earpads for it.


My DT48S got on the attic of the previous owner for about 20 years at least.

Nevertheless it sounds amzing, no flaws I think.


But still...

I would like to clean the drivers.


How hard is this job ?

I opened the can and saw the stamp of 1967.


After that I closed it again.


I do a lot of repair of vintage audio electronics.

I got a scope etc.


But opening these drivers made me stop.

First ask around before f&cking it all up.


Who has experience ?

Is it that difficult ?