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Best headphones for rap/hip hop using iPhone!?

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Basically I want something decent, for around £250 or less (think around 400$?) for rap, hip hop and DnB. With good bass, and just clear. I have no experience with headphones or sounds so don't knock me for my lack of knowledge haha! Listened to Beats and thought they were okay but not for the money they're worth and was sure there are miles better headphones!

I've been recommended:

B&W P5
Grado sr-225i
Audio Technica ATH M50
Sennheiser Amperior
Akg k550
Denon D2000

Any of these good for what I want? If so which are supposedly best and which should I forget about?

Thank you and again, sorry for my lack of knowledge

Edit: ill be using my iPhone to listen to music so bare that in mind
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Lol.  I wonder who recommended the Grado and AKG.


I think if you could get a used D5000 for around that price you might be good.  If you're planning to be mobile with the headphones at all though I'd stay clear of them.  

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Best headphone that works with the iPhone (meaning no amp) and with good bass... I can only think of Audio Technica ES10.


If that one is outside of your reach, Audio Technica ESW9 is a good downgrade at a reasonable price point.


Both of those are above B&W P5 and M50 in the list in my opinions.


Maybe not above D2000 or D5000, but both of those headphones need a good amp to shine.

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That's an ill-spread rumor on head-fi.  D2000/5000 do not need an amp to shine.  A cleaner source can make them sound marginally better, but it's not like they'll transform out of something more robust.


If used with an ipod on the go though, I would not get one of the Denons.

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M50s and Denons shine with an amp, or just a better DAP. although they both do sound pretty good straight out of an iphone. Haven't heard the others.
May I recommend: http://www.head-fi.org/t/627587/sennheiser-momentum-review
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Half these headphones do not shine, nor need, an amplifier. Not everything needs an amp.


For your iphone and music tastes, I would keep it simple: Ultrasone HFI 580, PRO 750, Vmoda LP2, Vmoda M80.


Very best,

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V-MODA M-80. Trust me, you'll be very happy. Great all-rounder and even better with hip hop IMO.

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Thanks for all your opinions. Will take a look at them all. Vmoda looks good! I want them as something for my iPhone and sometimes out and about so I assume I want to be looking for portable headphones smily_headphones1.gif
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