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Which Amp?

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I'm new to the portable audio world and I've been doing a lot and a lot of reading. I am now ready to invest in a portable headphone amp. There are so many reviews and of course so many opinions on the various amps. Before a take the plunge, I figured I'd ask for other opinions to help me to choose an amp.


The cans I plan on using are the AKG K550 with an iPod Classic. I don't really plan on listening to music through my PC so it's not necessary for the amp to have a DAC.


The amps I've been considering are the following and they are all within my budget.



RSA P-51 Mustang

RSA The Predator

Meier Audio 2Stepdance


Leckerton UHA-6S MKII


According to Skylab's review of 56 amp roundup, I would go for the 2Stepdance or the P-51 Mustang, but the review was last updated 2 years ago.


So any help or guidance would be appreciated.



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I am not an expert, but from what I've read the O2 amp designed and engineered by

'whose name cannot be whispered or even mentioned on this site', is an excellent choice.

Also, the iBasso D12 gets a lot of praises as well.


Good luck.

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