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Balanced DACs $600 - $1600, the segment explodes - Page 3

Poll Results: Which one would you choose?

  • 27% (24)
    Yulong D-18/D-8
  • 30% (27)
    Shiit Gungnir
  • 5% (5)
    Woo WDS-1
  • 18% (16)
    Wyred4Sound DAC-1/2
  • 14% (13)
    Audiolab M-DAC
  • 3% (3)
    Cambridge DacMagic +
88 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Happy Camper View Post

The Wavelength gear fits the bill. The Proton or Brick. I'm still leaning to building an Audio Note kit.



$600 to $1600 

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Brick $1750
Proton $900

AN 2.1 B level is $1550
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And What About Violectric V800 or lake people C460 ? no one listed them here if i am correct .

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Violectric V800 added to OP, I can't believe I forgot that one rolleyes.gif


The Lake People C460 doesn't seem to be widely available (can't get a US price), but it looks interesting.


The Wavelength Brick and Proton are single-ended only, no balanced outputs.

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Are you doing any DIY DACs


Audio Note 2.1 kit

Audio Note 3.1 kit

Buffalo III


Opus DAC


All configurable to your preference 

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I'm not opposed to it, what do you guys think?


It looks to me like it could be worth a whole new thread!

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May not be enough of them around for a new thread.  

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I'm really curious on how these few DACs measure up against each other


Schiit Gungnir

Anedio D2

Lavry DA11

Vioelectric V800

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Do any of these have tube stage?  I'm looking for something which adds the warmth and liquidity of a high end Vinyl setup!

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Warmth and liquidity can denote a lack of pace, rhythm, and timing. You don't need to spend big to get that kind of sound. A NE5532/5534 opamp output stage will let you have that kind of sound very cheap. 

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Since all well designed and implemented DAC components now sound substantially the same the purchasing decision depends on other factors.


Such as facilities, software package, support, drivers, durability and appearance. Oh. and cost of course.


So since there is no other option on the poll I'd like to suggest the top rated device for domestic users in the price bracket should be the RME Babyface. By a country mile.




MOTU Ultralite is good too for a similar price. At the top of the suggested budget you might even be able to squeeze in a BenchMark or a Lavry. 


Although for anyone who doesn't already own a yacht something from Native Instruments or Focusrite would be a sensible purchase.

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Add Violectric V800, Auralic Ark MX+ to the list.

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