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As everyone can imagine, looking for headphones to get has driven me crazy so I've decided to start a new thread.. here we go...blink.gif


Keep in mind my price range is 100-200 dollars!!


What I've looked at mostly:

Okay, I've been looking around a lot (mostly on this website and checking amazon and what not) and the headphones I've looked at most has been the audio technica m50s and some grados headphones. With the m50s I am really concerned about the "V" shape sound, because I really want balanced headphones that more or less give off what the artist wants their listener to hear . With the grados I'm concerned about the leakage and the "signature sound", I have a friend who had the grados SR60i's and I liked them, but they did definitely have a certain sound to them. I've also touched upon Sennheiser headphones, but I'm not sure if they're for me... I have also looked at the sony mdr v6 headphones which seem to have good reviews, that reminds me (this is somewhat off topic but im saying it anyway), I was at goodwill a week ago or so and there were sony mdr v600 headphones for like 15 bucks and I almost got them, but it turned out they were already claimed triportsad.gif. I've also looked into the V-moda V-80s, but i don't think they're for me.


What I want out of my to be Headphones:

So I mostly listen to Doom metal, rock, some jazz, early hip hop/early rap (like a tribe called quest/NWA). Of course I want a headphone that represents all genres fairly equally. I guess I want a balanced sound because I don't want headphones that really mess with how a track is supposed to sound. I don't care too much about how the headphones looks, just nothing that would really be a total eye sore (I dont really mind the grado look btw). I seem to lean toward an around ear headphone because it naturally has better isolation and I would like to be able to play music fairly loud with disrupting others, plus I find them more comfortable. 


Headphone Amps?

If anyone reccomends a headphone that honestly sounds a good amount better with a headphone amp then say so. I was looking at the Fiio E11 for a headphone amp (I really dont wanna spend much at all on a headphone amp..) 


Audio Formats

Are mp3s at 320s acceptable? I personally think they sound pretty good.. However i kind of want to get a big CD collection of my favorite stuff and then put them into itunes. If I do that what kind of file do you reccomend to put them into? (I have a 160 gb ipod classic so space isn't a huge issue). 


I"ll provide more information of what I am looking for if asked...


I really am going crazy over all of this :P 


thanks in advance to anyone who is nice enough to help out.