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Upgrade from AD700's. Need more bass

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I have a titanium HD sound card and even when increasing the bass boost on the sound card to 100% the AD700's don't give me the bass I am looking for.


I am also looking for headphones that me to hear less ambient noise. For instance my dad has a pretty large salt water fish tank that isn't exactly quiet in my computer room (our basement basically). If I'm not gaming or listening to music I can hear it usually. I want headphones that possibly cancel out some of that noise? Would closed cans work better?



I am willing to spend around $200. I would consider myself a mainly gamer but when I'm not gaming I am listening to high quality music.


Typically EDM music, dubstep, progressive house and drum and bass are my main music genres I love but I also listen to rap, post hardcore rock and other stuff.


I was looking at the Ultrastone Pro 550's but not sure. Need more advice from experienced people in this field.


I love the ATH ad700s but the music I listen to sounds so much better in my car with my subwoofer that I really need more bass outside the car!

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ultrasone hfi 580 or ATH Pro700mkII... both have some decent isolation, not the best though. or Sennheiser HD25-1 II for more isolation, its a supraaural though




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would the hi fi 580 be better than  the pro 550s?


I only ask cause they seem to be less expensive.


In terms of what I'm looking for I want.


- More bass than ad700's looks like most ultrasone's do

- sound quality

- good comfort

- isolation if possible anything is better than none (not a huge concern but I would like some if possible)

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Beyer DT770 PRO

Denon D2000

AudioTechnica A900X

Brainwavz HM5


Very best,

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