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Headphone Phone advice

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Alright so I bought some beats and I have learned why everyone hates them I originally bought them because I thought they sounded good looked cool and were portable. Then I realized I looked like a ********* they didn't sound very good and I only used them on trips and at home so I decided to sell them. So now I have learned from my mistakes.

Anyways I am in the market for some over the ear headphones. 

What I am looking for is just clarity and not lots of bass as the beats gave me headaches at time. I just want it to be crisp and help me hear the details at this point I want average to low quantity of bass just quality. The music I usually listen to is pop,rock,alternative, and occasionally a little bit of rap.

Price range is 30-70. 



2 headphones I had in mind were the sennheiser hd419 and hd428 they can be had on ebay for under 40 for both manufacturer refurbished from a high rated seller

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Do you need them to be closed back? Or are you open to semi-open and open back?


If you can stretch your budget just a little, you could grab a Brainwavz HM5 which is quite an excellent headphone for it's cost, very under-costed, comfortable, great sound stage, great linear sound with a good quality bass, very durable, removable cable, case, etc. And it fits over your ears, not on your ears. You can get it for $99 shipped and it comes with a free headphone stand too at MP4Nation.net.


If you can go open-air/semi-open, maybe take a look at the Samson SR850.


And for a closed headphone, maybe consider the Sennheiser HD439 or the CAD Audio MH310.


Very best,

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I am rather ignorant on the topic of closed or open back :s so I have no idea. Just to add a bit more info I will be listening to my music via my ipod or laptop with no amps. Also to add to the sound aspect I really like the sound of the qc15 by Bose but those are obviously out of my range. Edit: I read a bit on open and closed and I think I would prefer closed so I cant hear others and. They cant hear my music
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Bump bump bump
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Can you return your beats?  How much did you pay for them?

And if so, would this increase your price range?

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I think he said he already sold the beats.


worth looking at in that price range:


AKG K 240

superlux stuff


if the coupon is still working you can get the NVX version of the HM5 for $99 as well.

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Those akg look nice anyone have an oppinion on the sennhesier hd419 or the audio-technica hm30s or something

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