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Audeze LCD-2 with Burson Audio HA-160DS Power out issue

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Last year I bought a Burson Audio HA-160DS to pair with my Audeze LCD-2. According to Burson, the output power is only 250mw (see Measurement below). The combination sounds great to me, but Audeze recommends at least 1W. Do I need an amp with more output power than the HA-160DS?


Selecting an amp?


Audez'e Support
posted this on Jan 15 23:39

When deciding what amp to buy It is very subjective and opinions vary a lot. Here are some thoughts on selecting a good amplifiers
for LCD-2. We have tested the LCD-2 with quite a number of studios and recording engineers.

The LCD-2 has an impedance of 50 ohms, which is purely resistive and is almost perfectly flat across the entire frequency range.http://www.audeze.com/2009/12/waterfall-plots-low-frequency-extensi...

Lets us say you listen to symphony-orchestra. This type of music can have dynamic range of 60 dB. i.e if silence (room noise) is at 60 dB (LCD-2 is  pen type headphone design with almost no attenuation of ambient noise) and the maximum occasional peak needs to be 120 dB. I am just giving an example here, but depending upon the type of music and the recording this varies. 120 dB is very loud - almost Rock Concert level close to the speaker.

For the LCD-2, if you put 1 mw of power, you get about 90dB output. For this example, let us assume 90dB is the level you listen normally. To reproduce the occasional 120 dB peak without clipping on the LCD-2, the amplifier would have to output 1000 times more power than 1mw, i.e 1 W.

So, an amplifier that can output 1w is the bare minimum. Amplifiers will have distortion metrics at different wattage levels. If an amp can output maximum 1w it would be barely sufficient and might have a lot of distortion at full output.

So I would suggest an Amp that would at least be able to provide a couple of watts of output without any clipping. Damping in amplifiers is not a big problem for LCD-2 since the impedance doesn't vary.



Input impedance: 36.5 KOhms 
Frequency response: ± 1 dB 0 - 20Khz
Signal to noise ratio: 110dB
THD: <0.12% at 150mW , 0.06% at 100mW
Channel separation: <54dB
Output power: 250mW (less than 1% distortion)
Output impedance: phones out 5.6 Ohms
Power dissipation: >20W, internal, regulated power supply


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250mW will be fine and according to their example if 1mW gives 90dB then 100mW will give 100dB of loudness.  Assuming the amp you have can give 200mW without any problems then this equates to about 113dB worth of loudness or quite loud indeed.  You may find times where a little louder than your amp can achieve would sound better, but on average 200mW will drive the LCD just fine.

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If you are enjoying what you have, then continue to enjoy it I reckon. 


That being said, with more powerful amps, the LCD-2s can really make you jump out of your chair if the volume is turned up a bit and music generally is more lively.

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