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Recable Questions

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I know this type of thread has been made a 100 times but I've done searches and nothing details 100% what is needed to redo KOSS KSC75 headphones for a complete newbie. Many threads simply only state part of what is required (like just asking for a cable)

Every sub 50 dollar headphone I buy always break. I enjoy the sound some of these make as well as the small form factor such as the ksc75 but the jack eventually wears out. I have found no simple solution other than to recable the KOSS KSC75. The problem is I have little experience in headphones and I just want something like the KSC75 but with a good wire.

I have little experience recabling but I am going to try it out on my KOSS KSC75.

My goal with this recable is to never have to worry about the headphone jack breaking ever again.

I'd like to find the bang for buck cable for my KSC75 that will make it so that I don't ever have to worry about the jack breaking (I need a good sturdy cable).

Here is basically the only three questions I have.

1.) What is the best cable I can buy for my KSC75 and where do I buy it from?

2.) Is there a recabling guide specifically for the KSC75 somewhere? It seems simple enough but I've never recabled before. Is it just soldering the new cable onto the KOSS Drivers? Is that the only step?


3.) I've made a list of the stuff to buy for this project. Can you guys just confirm that I'll be able to get my project done by just buying these items?

Mogami 2534 cable like this


a cheap soldering iron

solder wire


And I would like a good suggestion for the headphone jack. I usually use my headphones on my iPhone so I don't want a jack that has a right angle, just a straight sturdy jack (that doesn't break).

Will I be able to make my ultimate unbreakable wire?

Thanks. I appreciate all recommendations.

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1) For a project like this, I'd go with stranded 26awg spc. Use the internal structure of the KSC75 for strain relief, and perhaps add a little hot glue.

2) Search around, there should be some, but it's pretty basic and essentially the same for all headphones - find the ground and signal pads, mark them, remove old cable, attach new one, close it, measure to make sure you've wired everything correctly and have a listen.


- Mogami 2534 is thick, go with something thinner for a portable headphone. eBay SPC has great value.

- Weller SP23 has always been a great starter iron that will last.

- Kester 63/37 solder, available just about everywhere is a nice every-day solder that you can't go wrong with.

- Neutrik/Rean NYS231 is cheap and good, again, tested and proven to be the go-to plug.


Good luck.

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