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E18 is not the solution you'd want for your type of music, the sound are more closely-packed and doesn't possess a wide soundstage. You are better off getting a dap such as the DX90 and maybe a portable amp to go with it to drive the higher impedance headphones.

That said, E18 is still a pretty decent portable dac especially for its price.

I drove the HD650's through an e18 without issue for many months. The power of this amp is more than enough for any headphones I have owned. I also think its tuning is ideal for edm music as it is clear and well defined across the frequencies with good bass impact. I still think its a great little amp and have no desire to upgrade over a year later!
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Originally Posted by Clubberlang View Post

Anyone have any  solution for the GSM interference issue? I really haven't used this thing because of this. 

I don't sandwich it with my phone and have no issues. I'm not a fan of blocking my display wth rubber bands, however, If I kept the mini stack in my pocket I might be dissapointed with the interference.

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