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That's an excellent point you make... And I am looking for a little more "fun" with my AK as well. I think it's a good idea as its cheap enough. I was going to get the new digizoid but seems like there have been some issues with the battery and charging.
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I think it's easy to lose sight of fun in this hobby, probably because everything is so fetishized. Great gear is one thing. But gear that actually* gets your feet movin' and your head bobbin' is equally as important. E.g., the Sennheiser Amperior. I got a pair about a month ago. Now, given the edition of the LCD-2F I have, it cost roughly 6x that of the Amperior. But nothing gets me physically engaged with the music like the Amperior.


* I don't want to ignore the fact that I can't bob my head with the LCD-2F like I can with the Amperior for a very simple reason: The Amperior is lightweight and clamps tightly. It's not going to fly off your head if you get too excited. I think it's important to not lose sight of "the body" in evaluating and/or enjoying gear. Listening to music isn't entirely cerebral. 

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I completely agree and I never want to lose sight of the fun. Rarely I get caught up in the abing between things, most of the time I just listen an enjoy. I really don't even enjoy abing things, I do it occasionally to see if I can hear a difference. As far as my earlier comment, I only meant it as in losing clarity and some of the details by adding the Fiio to the chain. Recently, I was reading in the HUGO thread and a fellow head-fier wanted a bit more bass out of his Hugo and decided to add a Fiio device to the mix. A lot of people in the thread were in shock, telling him how wrong it was, etc. Needless to say he loved the sound... There is nothing wrong with that, I believe that is why most of us started with this hobby, to enjoy the music.
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A new phone is in my future. Samsung S5 or note 3. From a E18/music point of view. Any difference?
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Originally Posted by Fpalbrecht View Post

A new phone is in my future. Samsung S5 or note 3. From a E18/music point of view. Any difference?




As the E18 replaces your internal DAC and AMP, as long as the device can use the E18, there will be no difference.

You device is only the user interface and it has to be fast enough to read the file (bitstream) to send to the E18.



Hope this can help,



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Note has bigger screen(doesn't bother me) and bigger battery so probably will go with it.
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