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I have been wondering whether the E18 will work with a iOcean X7 or not? 

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Originally Posted by reiserFS View Post

I have been wondering whether the E18 will work with a iOcean X7 or not? 

Does this link help?
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When I first got the E18 I used it 'taped' to the back of my Note 2 phone. It worked well, but I found that movement in my pocket would occasionally cause the micro-usb to lose connection and reset whatever was playing. 


I subsequently picked up a Samsung S3 to use as a dedicated music source and looked for a case to hold them both. Another forum member recommended a particular range from Amazon, which has worked very well. It's larger than necessary in width and depth so makes for a fairly large package but still fits nicely in a coat pocket. I love the versatility of the Android phone with the E18, giving me the opportunity to use Spotify, Soundcloud, Tuen-In Radio as well as stored files.





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The OTG USB cable is a PITA. There's got to be a market for a phone specifically designed for us audiophiles.
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Originally Posted by Zorrofox View Post

Does this link help?

Thanks. Judging by my ROM developer, it's already enabled.

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I was out walking today and my music kept cutting out. I came home and detached it from the phone (it's attached via some 3M velcro-like maerial) and did everything to recreate the problem and failed. I've tried to calls and still can't reproduce the problem. I have no idea what was going wrong. The phone/amp fits in a front pouch pocket and doesn't get disturbed other than to change tracks.

I know others have had this problem and I suspect it's something to do with the USB socket since both cables are working in the house. They're very loose fitting though, I think looser than when the unit was new.

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Yes, I'm struggling with connection problems as well.


I suspect connections are loose because of pressure on the mini USB connections when pocketing a mobile (mine is Note 3) and E18. The "short" cable supplied gets bent tight and the weight and impact of movement (walking, bending etc.) is largely on the cable and its connections.


What would be very helpful from Fiio (or another supplier) would be the availability of a "right angle" micro USB 3.0 (male) to mini USB 3.0 (male) cable. But it would need to be about 5cm longer than the standard cable supplied by Fiio with the E18.


The Micro USB 3.0 connection would anchor the mobile connection (e.g. Galaxy Note 3) much more securely. The "right angle connection would take some of the "flexing" pressure off the mobile connection when in one's pocket. The extra length would allow the E18 to be lifted above the mobile slightly to get better access to the volume control.


I have not been able to find any such cable available at this stage - right angle or not.


Fiio can you help?



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The micro-USB is a dreadful connector, but has become pretty ubiquitous.


The contact strips on the male half are little thicker than a hair and, coupled with a little oxidisation over time, are bound to cause connection difficulties.


I have seen reference to an earlier USB DAC (not from Fiio) that was supplied with a short right-angled cable (USB2), so someone has produced one. I don't think anyone has managed to get hold of any spares however.

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All the micro USB 3.0 cable options (right angle or other) I've seen have been terminated with a standard USB female connector, thus requiring an extra (and cumbersome) USB Male to USB mini male added.

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It's definitely the weakest link in the chain eh? It's really annoying because, although I don't exactly 'need' the extra power, I do walk further when I use it. ALO make a nice connector called the Copper 22 but it's stupid expensive for a digital cable.
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I just wanted to mention that Neutron cut out on me today, when I was lying in bed. This time though it was to install an update. So far I've had no trouble. I've no idea what the update addressed though.
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Has anyone been able to compare the E18 to the audioengine D1? Looking for SQ comparison only and not the other functions as i know the E18 is more versatile but since they are the same price in Toronto just wanted to find out which would sound better. 

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why do a lot of the reviews state the Fiio E18 has a PCM1795 DAC - yet spec sheets on Fiio website state PCM1798 DAC ?

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Originally Posted by Buckster View Post

why do a lot of the reviews state the Fiio E18 has a PCM1795 DAC - yet spec sheets on Fiio website state PCM1798 DAC ?


I think early on it was supposed to be PCM1795, but the final version is PCM1798. Besides PCM1795 supporting up to 32bit (which can't be used in E18 anyway, due to the TE7022 limitation to 24/96) while PCM1798 supporting only 24bit, the two essentially have identical spec / performance, so we are not missing anything.

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