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Retested tablet Nexus 10 (4.4.2) with Neutron and no sound through E18. I bought and installed USB APP and (as with the trial version), E18 does fine. But you have to be careful about your procedure: USB APP stopped, connection, E18 switch on and USB APP launch.


On the contrary, no progress on my Android phone (4.1.2). USB APP is not more working than Neutron; no connection (Nexus Media Importer already removed), E18 is not recognized.

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I'm sorry mate but I'm out of ideas. Many people here know much more than I do though so don't worry.
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Well I am using and have access to few android devices. LG G2 KitKat does not work natively. The same with Nexus 7. I have both 2012 and 2013 versions. HTC One KitKat works like a charm. So yeah, it's odd.
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I've got a Samsung GN3 so it would seem to be an LG issue or perhaps your carrier. I'm on the 3 network in Scotland.
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Nexus 7's are not made by LG. I have both versions (2012 & 2013). So I wouldn't say it is an LG issue. Perhaps Samsung and HTC had included modifications to the stock ROM that's why USB audio output is working natively. Kudos to them!

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Nexus 10 is Asus if I am not mistaken ? And no native support as well.
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I wasn't trying to have a pop at LG, I was just trying to figure why the OTG function isn't universal.

Isn't Nexus made by Google? That means pure Android if I'm not mistaken. That means it's possible that OTG USB is a manufacturer add-on. I have no idea why LG & HTC would choose to exclude it.

Have you tried going on phone forums rather than headphones and investigating there?
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Nexus 10 is made by Samsung.


Nexus 7's are made by ASUS.


Correct, Nexuses or Nexi (don't know the plural form of Nexus) are running pure Android.

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So sad all this trouble. Why is every brand different. And even every Android version. There really should be a basic Android with basic functionality, including audio over USB. And not capped at 44 or 48kHz. So the phone doesn't have to do the task of resampling.


If the phone hard and software doesn't adhere to this is shouldn't be called an Android phone. But I guess that is wishfull thinking.

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Anyone who knows where to get new micro to micro usb otg cables for the e18? The included ones are both broken frown.gif
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Originally Posted by Trenne View Post

Anyone who knows where to get new micro to micro usb otg cables for the e18? The included ones are both broken frown.gif

Well, I ordered this one for mine:

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Originally Posted by shaolin95 View Post

Well, I ordered this one for mine:
Thanks, but takes 3-4 weeks for international delivery. I live in Sweden so within EU would be nice. But if I cant find one elsewhere I'll order that one. Thanks for the help.
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Sorry. I have been contacting many companies about such cable but none is showing interest. I am like , there is a lot of people going with amps that can use you think you have a better chance selling cables that EVERYONE else sells compared to one that nobody else does even if the market is smaller?
Oh well. :)

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I just went on eBay there, quite confident I'd find a cable and there's none! Nobody sells what we are all relying on. That, frankly, is Crap.
post #1275 of 2265, I picked the 2 of the cheapest microUSB cables cut them, soldiered them together and they work perfect, cost me a grand total of $3.25 shipped. Unfortunately it took 3 weeks for the cables to get here, so suggest you make a few as backups before starting, also you can get angled MicroUSB cables so it sits a little better.

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