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I don't actually. I live in the middle of nowhere with no mobile signal and very, very slow internet so I don't even think I could check for you. Is there a free version of Spotify?

*edit* - I'm downloading it now and will try to get it running. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work though, other than for the technical reasons particular to my location.

I'll tell you this though - I'm currently listening to Touch by Yello and it sounds bloody fantastic!

*edit* - Yes! It works fine. I actually had an old account I used on my iPhone before we moved to the sticks and it's still valid. Yes, plays fine mate.

*edit* - Even the physical buttons on the E18 work! Who knew?


Zorrofox - great thanks for taking the time to check for me- much appreciated



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My pleasure. It was an informative experiment for both of us. Thanks.
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This is my first post and english is not my mother tongue, be kind ;)

Following this forum for quite some time, I picked some valuables opinions leading me to buy Hifiman DAP 601and RE 400 IEM last year. I also bought one Senn Momentum circumaural. My hifi home system is based on (old) Revox CD transport, Theta DAC, Griffon pure class A amp and ATC SCM 100 speakers (old passive version).

Being most of the time on mobile equipment, I purchased one Fiio E18. I received it last week. On USB out of a laptop and RE 400, it's quite good (need more time for relevant opinion) but I was surprised that I had to push volume almost to max on my RE 400 (low gain) and I am not a "loud" listener (mostly jazz). 

Problems came from my Android devices. I have a generic (chinese) smartphone with Android 4.1.2 and Nexus 10 with 4.4.2. E18 came with two short "micro USB male to micro USB male" cables which are I guess of OTG kind ?? With Neutron player on both devices, I could not get the pink light on E18. I probably do something wrong but cannot ascertain what. I don't know where selecting E18 on Android and switching on E18 does not trigger anything on both telephone and tablet.

Thanks for any advice that could get me running on tablet and telephone.


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Does your E18 have a 3 point selection switch or two? (should have 3, and should be set to the 2nd or middle point. Connect it using the USB to the phone then use the volume dial to turn the E18 on, as soon as you do the audio should now be redirected through the E18. Plug your headphones and play something on the Android (NOTE: make sure the volume for media control is up on your device and in Neutron i've had happen to me once on my Note 3 that the system media volume was turned off and even though i tried adjusting volume in Neutron the i couldn't hear anything).


If you hear the music through the E18 with the headphones than it doesn't matter what light is showing up, pink, purple whatever its working and the DAC and Amp are functional on the E18. Mine does not ever turn pink, its more the a color you would get with Red+Blue.


Hope that helps!

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I add that the two short micro USB cables are not OTG. I connected an OTG cable that I had and I got a pink light with the Nexus 10 but no sound and still red light with smartphone 4.1.2

No progress on my side !



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Thanks thekash


It is a Rev B E18 (3 point switch) and it operates with my laptop on "PC in" and I put switch on "phone in" for my tablet and phone. When switching on E18 connected to my tablet, it gets recognized, proposing launching of Nexus media importer, which I decline. Starting playing music with Neutron, sound is coming through tablet speakers and not trough E18 and headphones. On the phone, sound is also coming from the device.



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Both the MicroUSB to MicroUSB cables you received with your E18 don't work? Not sure what you mean by they are not OTG. If your phone and tablet use microUSB then the OTG cables included with the E18 should work. Any cable that functions to NOT connect your device to a computer is considered an OTG cable. There is no specific OTG cable. 


Read through the longer E18 thread and see if there are any settings for audio preference i would try the E18 with a computer first to confirm its working and audio can be heard, once you establish that at least you know the problem is with your devices and not the E18.

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Those two identical cables? They are OTG, definitely. Attach it to the amp end first, make sure your phone screen is on and as soon as you connect the other end to the phone it will display "USB connector connected" at the top of the screen. Then switch the amp on by turning the volume control as 'thekash " says above. The amp indicator lights should illuminate. I assume you've fully charged your E18?
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The Nexus 10 does in fact support USB Audio Out as confirmed by another member. So there's no reason the E18 shouldn't work. That said i would maybe try accepting the media player at launch as that may be a trigger to change where the audio goes. Or you could Private Message that member who has the Nexus 10 in the post.


Best of luck!

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Retesting them, I agree, those two short cables seem to be OTG;

E18 fully charged, switch "phone" in


  • E18 off, connexion : nothing happens
  • E18 on: Nexus media importer automatic launch. Music starts automatically through Neutron and tablet speakers. Light is pink
  • I decline launch of media importer, nothing changes. If I accept launch of NMI, it shows a window of incompatibility with DAC Fiio E 18, that I understand as NMI is waiting for importation/streaming of media files.


  • E18 off, connexion: nothing happens
  • E18 on: nothing happens, light remains red.


Yes, good sound when connected to my laptop


Investigations continue.

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Try to install the trial version of USB Audio Player Pro. On my Nexus 7 (4.4.2) it only works with that app. Without that app, it will do as you have described.

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I have no idea what the "media importer" stuff is all about?
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Nexus Media Importer is an app that plays (streaming) media files stored on USB key and connected by OTG cable. It may override other app attempting an OTG connection.


lukeap69: thanks a lot. I uninstalled Nexus Media Importer to eliminate all potential sources of problem. I installed USB APP trial and yes I get sound through E18 and headphones. I will know retry Neutron without NMI and retest my phone the same way.


Big leap forward.

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You are welcome mate.


I have mentioned this somewhere, but some android devices updated to Kitkat lost the ability to output sound through the USB port natively, hence 3rd party app like UAPP or UARP are required. This is the reason I reverted my LG G2 to 4.2.2 after brief excursion with 4.4.2. Quite disappointed with this really.

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Originally Posted by lukeap69 View Post

You are welcome mate.

I have mentioned this somewhere, but some android devices updated to Kitkat lost the ability to output sound through the USB port natively, hence 3rd party app like UAPP or UARP are required. This is the reason I reverted my LG G2 to 4.2.2 after brief excursion with 4.4.2. Quite disappointed with this really.

That does seem like an odd thing for them to do. I'm running 4.4.2 un-rooted through Neutron (and anything else too) with no problems.
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