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Sony XB300 or Koss portapro??!

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I need new headphones since my current ones are destroyed....after hearing so much about the xb300 and portapros, i wanted to one of them but cant decide which....i mainly use it on the laptop...when its not on the lappy, its on my phone...i don't care about looks since ill be listening to music and not what people are saying about my headphones...the only things i care about is comfort and sound....keeping in mind that i walk around with it alot so it has to stay in place on my head, which should i go for? I should mention that i am a bit rough with my headphones.
Also, any suggestions as to what you think a better option will be? (Around the same price because shipping costs are alot for my area).


Thanks in advance :)

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do you have long hair? if you have, go for xb300. otherwise, portapro. hair sometimes tend to stuck at the headband of the portapro which i find it abit annoying.


both are good options though. but personally, i will pick portapro.

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portapro.. the bass on the xb300 is an issue rather than a feature.. its sloppy, jm2cents




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I got both of them, the porta pro is definitely better in terms of overall sound. But the xb300 isnt bad too if you like a bit more bass than usual, it is slightly muddy tho.

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Guess ill go for the portapro then...thanks alot

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