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Hi Guys!


So.. I'm Chris I live in Poland. Greeds to everybody!

To the point.

I'm currently using XFI 5.1 surround PRO either using it's DAC or SONY amp DAC which I also got.

To be honest... it's ok, but I feel Like I need something more.


I was thinking between some Nuforce uDAC2 by itself or HiFiMan h-101 with additional headphone AMP- custom made by a polish freak sold on our ebay for circa 100 EUR (desc below)


What would you recommend?

Or maybe something else?

Or maybe I shloud stick to Xfi PRO and only add some amp?

We are talking here 100/150 EUR setup


I would appreciate all your comments!


Decription of the amp from Ebay:



A great combination of legendary tube sound with precision, dynamics and quality of the amplifier transistor. Lightly insulated, dynamic and very spacious sound that can be modified by using different lamps (amplifier makes it possible to create an individual sound by replacing the lamp) is passed whole in a very light and natural, non-irritant ear even when multi-hour listening. Amount of headroom gives the opportunity to work with the sources of weak output signal (eg, MP3, PC, etc.) and allows you to operate successfully headphones from 24 - 600 Ohm.


The amplifier is made of high quality components, gold-plated RCA socket, a solid 6.3 mm phone jack, electrolytic capacitors, low impedance electrolytic, tantalum and brands such as polypropylene, RUBYCON, NICHICON MUSE, SAMXON, SAMWHA, JAMICON, WIMA and other well-known and respected component manufacturers in the industry AUDIO. Resistors low tolerance of 1%. Is used in the construction of TESLA lamp mounted in a porcelain solid base

The power of the brand-name equivalent robust internal transformer -> molded and shielded.


Basic technical parameters measured by high-performance measuring equipment;

- Power output of about, 300 [mW] / 32 [ohm] (Wzmaniacz successful handset supports 24 - 600ohms).

- Bandwidth, 20 [Hz] - 22 [kHz] (-0.1 [dB]) 7 [Hz] - 78 [kHz] (-3 dB)

- THD: <0.05% (1 [kHz])


System is placed in a sound and aesthetic performed HAND aluminum 1mm + froncik of painted plastic 6mm thick.

Dimensions / weight case:

14.5 x8, 5x21, 5cm.