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Integrated Amplifier or DAC/AMP for use with headphones and powered studio monitors

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Hi All, I'm new to the forums and trying to get some help upgrading my gear. I just purchased some Philips Fildelio X1 headphones:



-Drivers: 50mm, Neodymium
-Freq. Response: 10Hz - 40kHz
-Impedance: 30Ω
-Sensitivity: 100dB/mW
-Maximum Power Input: 500mW
-THD: <0.1%
I want to get a DAC/AMP combo for it, but I'm getting rather confused about output selection (I currently use a cheap switch to control whether the headphones or the speakers are getting signal).  It seems pretty obvious to me that a device like this should have a switch to set whether you're listening to the headphones or speakers, but as far as I can tell, all of these devices are pretty much made so that you listen to speakers at the same time as headphones!?!
It feel retarded just writing it, but it's true, I swear: most of the manufacturers I've spoken with tell me with a straight face that the speakers keep playing when you plug in your headphones.  Huh!?
One rep told me what I really want is an integrated amplifier.  That those will have control for headphones/speakers.
Is that right?
Can someone please steer me in the right direction?  Would love recommendations on either integrated units or separates that will meet my needs and allow sensible output control.
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Hi Eli...


What powered monitors do you have?

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Rokit 6s.  They are individually powered with levels on the back of each--designed for volume control by the source...  balanced and unbalanced inputs.  


As far as I can tell, the only options that I'm either confirmed or pretty sure feature a line out switch attached to the headphone jack are the NuForce line (all of them) and Burson (I'm pretty sure).  Audinst (a $169 model) is the only one I can find that actually has a switch to select headphones / speakers -- which is really the ideal feature.  


But this seems like a pretty low-end model...?


Why is this such an unusual feature?  Is this a very unusual speaker setup?


What are my options for separates?  I'm thinking I could get a really bomb future-proof dac, and then a solid but not top-end amp, since my Phillips X1 cans are not that hard to drive, as I understand it.  But would that have the same problem of headphones / speakers on at the same time?


Can you tell me what it is I need to look out for feature wise to ensure I can control headphone vs speaker output?  Or should I just sell these Rokits (i have a buyer)--in which case, what is it I'm looking for to get easy on/off / indendent volume volume for headphones / speakers (would i just get an integrated amp instead then??)


Pretty confused.  Soooo many options and my budget is pretty flexible.  I really just want to find the sharpest first differential on the utility curve :)


Would love some help / direction in building the ideal system given the X1s I just have--even willing to sell the Rokits if I have to (since it seems they are really limiting my options?).

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I have the Rokit 6s as well and love 'em.  The individual volume was a pain but alas very easy to take care of.  I use them with an all-in-one solution (dac+headphone amp+ pre-amp) and that way you set the volume on the speakers one time and control the volume from pre from there on.  I have used various ones but right now I have them connected to my 0404USB (balanced) and to my Woo Audio WA2 which has a pre-amp via RCA.


Here is a thread I started over a year ago with different things I tried.





Look at the Audio-GD offerings.  They offer great all-in-one packages.





I have several all-in-ones from A-GD (NFB-15.1, NFB-11.32 & FUN (A) and all sound great with headphones, other amps connected or as pre-amps with powered speakers.  They are coming out with the Compass2 as well that looks to be like another winner...



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yeah, but my understanding is that a lot of these all-in-ones DON'T shut off the line out / pre-amp when the headphones are plugged in...  the result is that, if you can't control the volume on the speakers (e.g. audioengine 5), then the speakers will run at the same time as the headphones....


are you saying you don't have that issue with these setups?


thanks for the link to that thread.  i'll check that out.

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You can set the output to fixed or variable. Your choice.

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