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Portable DAP With Digital Output????

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I don't listen to music a lot but I have recently spent some time listening to my Triplefi 10s running the optical output from my PC into my iBasso D10.  My PC is in the basement and I want this SQ when sitting in the family room (wife watching TV).    

In the family room I use the triplefis and the D10 but I have an analog audio source (Sansa Clip+).  I want to replace the Clip+ with something that will output the digital stream into the D10 (it has usb, optical, and coax inputs). Can anyone recommend a DAP, cell phone, tablet, or similar device that will do that for me.


Any help would be appreciated.


NOTE:  I have a Droid X but don't believe modifications on it will work.  I could buy a new cell phone if there is one that can be modified. As a last resort I will use my netbook and will also see if I can't get my Asus Transformer to do it.

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There's nothing out that is really feasible or portable for that matter. The DX100 is somewhat portable but expensive. Not necessarily small either. The Q350 would be much more affordable but is a bomb. The Hifiman 901 is also another option shortly but will be decently sized as well and not cheap either.

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You have number of option,

1-Ibasso DX100

2-Get a cyber lab DAC, and connect it to your i-devices (ipod classic, ipod touch, etc)

3-Get logitech sqeezebox touch, not it is not portable.

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I do believe you would get better respones from the Portable Source section of the forums!

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I think you have two option like either use D10 AMPs section only when hook up with DAPs( like Sony walkmen with WM-Port has line out signal, S:Flo2, iPods)  or buy DAP/Phone to hook up D10 via USB like Samsung Galaxy S III (install Googles jealy bean OS), Nokia N9.

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Thank you to those of you that have responded.


I want to clarify that the D10 has a DAC that works wonderfully and a really good amp section.  What I'm looking for is a portable music player that will output a digital audio stream into the D10 either via USB or optical cable.  Sorry if I didn't make that clear in my post.


The DX-100 and HifiMan products are possibilites but they seem to be somewhat expensive.  I searched on the S:Flo2 and they don't seem to be available.  I couldn't determine if they are very good.


I don't generally support Apple, but I might in this instance if they will do the job.  I didn't think that any Apple music players have digital audio outputs, but I'll check.


I have already been considering a Samsung Galaxy S III as a replacement for my present phone.  Does anyone know for sure if it will output a digital audio stream??


All responses are appreciated.

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Could see if there are any old iriver h series about.



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Galaxy S3 indeed outputs digital audio via mini usb port, and has been tested and proved to work with external dacs this way.


There's a thread in the portable sources forum detailing it.


I have a S3 myself and although I havent tried external dacs, the inbuilt 24 bit Wolfson in the phone is a real cracker. You need the international, not US or Canadian version of the phone for that though, so depends if you're in America or not.

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My vote for the old iRiver h140 that can be upgraded to a 240GB hard disk and its physical synergy with the D10 was made in heaven:




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I did some searching but it appears that the iRiver products are nowhere to be found....apparently obsolete.  Not even available on eBay.


I could buy a Samsung S3, in the US, but its hard to understand the threads on this because of the technical nature of the topic, the ongoing changes in the technology, and all the acronyms being used.  I believe the S3 does require some modifications but I will have to research that quite a bit.


Thanks to all posters.  All input appreciated.

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I just found a video on YouTube of someone demonstrating the USB audio functionality of the S3 into a Topping TP30 USB DAC/Pre-amp. 

The search continues...

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At least one of the current Android-based Cowon players can do SPDIF out. I have the Plenue D3, and use the digital out with a portable Headroom desktop amp, which has SPDIF input. I had to buy the special Cowon digital cable separately. Although the sound quality from the headphone jack of the D3 is probably the best I have heard from a portable, the digital is a bit more refined. The player is a bit sluggish sometimes and is not a great Android device, but I am happy with the sound.The player has a ton of preset EQs and allows users to make their own. I don't usually care about EQ, but some of the presets can enhance some music if "flat" sounds too flat. Jet Audio (US Cowon distributor) had a nice deal on the D3 through Amazon a few months ago. Not sure if the replacement model, the Z2, also has SPDIF. Just checked now and the 32 GB D3 is down to $183. Ignore the complaint about the USB cable falling out.

The old iRiver iHP-120 or 140s sound very good via their Optical out. I was lucky enough to find one on eBay last year.
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There's also the Meizu MX 4-core. It runs Android and is quite nice as a phone, with exceptional SQ straight from the headphone jack. It also has SPDIF capabilities through a special connector that attaches to the USB port. Look for a review at InnerFidelity later this week.
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Thank you for the information on the Cowan D3 and the Meizu.  I found a couple of D3s on eBay which I will follow.  The D3 does get some criticism for being slow but I'll do more research on that.  The Z2 is available but I'm not sure it has the same digital outputs as the D3.  I'll check it out. The Meizu looks very good but I doubt it will work with Verizon here in the US.  I'll check that out also.


At this point it appears that the Samsung S3 is my best option but I am still not convinced that I can get the digital audio out without a modification to the phone.  I may go to the local phone dealer and see if I can check that out. 


Thank you for your input.

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Well, Best Buy had the Samsung S3 on sale for $149 so I went ahead and got it.  I also ordered an OTG from Monoprice and if what I've read is correct I should be able to get optical audio out of the S3 using an OTG cable.  We'll see in a couple of days.

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