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Best over ear head phones from the apple store for around $300

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I can get a discount at the apple store for half off and am wanting the "best" pair possible. I under stand that this is relative to taste and preference. From the limited display (versus online) my top pick would have to be the B & W p5s. I loved the elegant design and the material felt of higher quality. The sound was very clear yet had strong mids and punchy lows. The sennheiser amperior also had great sound, but lacked refinement and just felt cheap. Its hard to buy a $350 pair that look that cheap and ugly. They were far more comfortable however. The Harman Kardon had a pretty good sound and I was also surprised by the much cheaper Sol Republics. I didnt care for the bose. The pair they had out was faulty and the other just couldnt put out the volume I wanted. The apple store website has some other great options that I have not tried on because they were not in the store and are online only. Some ones im still curious as to whether they are better than the P5s are the Philips Fidelio L1, and the Focal Spirit 1, which look great.


Does anyone have any experience and ear time with these head phones? I am in an alternative rock band, I write and co produce our music so clarity is very important to me, but I listen more for pleasure and still really like a good punchy bass from my regular play list. Right now my go to song for comparing is Death cab for cutie's "You are a tourist". The kick has a great eq and really demonstrates the ability of the headphone to balance out the clean thump yet still give supportive punch with out throwing mud over the whole mix. 


Thank you for your help and advise!! Ive been researching and testing for a couple of months and am hoping to buy soon. 

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The P5 really aren't a bad headphone - I think the ATH-ESW9 are better in terms of the "cool looking and expensive on-ear headphone" category, but the P5 offer better isolation and are likely much more durable (not being wood and all). What else do they have though? (I know the L1s have a good reputation but I have not tried them personally).
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They don't carry AKGs or Audio Technica, the only other ones that seemed like serious contenders were the above mentioned. However the marshalls in white with brown accents looked amazing and very classic, and then they had some different Klipsch headphones but I dont know anything about either of those. 

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bose qc15 are good if you want reallllly good noise cancling

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I tried those, they did cancel the noise really well but the volume of music just wasnt there. Perhaps it was just that pair?? The P5s may not be noise canceling, but they do feature noise isolation. The store was very loud that day and the sound was great. My fiance was talking with the sales lady right next to me and I could not hear them nor could they me. That part impressed me especially considering that they are not even a true over the ear design and are more of an on ear design. That being said, they do fit over the ear better than the beats solos that I had for two weeks. Perhaps its due to the flat design so it feels like it covers more area than a circular design like the solos. 


Most of the engineers I work with all just use AKGs or other studio phones which are great for mixing because they yield a really flat mix, but are not always they best for pleasure listening through your ipod when you want a little more punch and low end bass. 


Has any one tried the L1's or the focal spirit 1??

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Don't buy anything at an Apple Store...

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Ton of help, thanks

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if u like the P5, then go for it. ..its not exactly a v clear sounding can, but i did enjoy this handsome looking can :P


i understand the L1 doesnt have replaceable pads...the sound of this can is closer to the P5 than the focalspirit, which to my ears are sharper, edgier than the L1.

fatigue might come in earlier. the cup hinge of the focal looks weak, i dun hv much confidence in those.


i  much prefer the philips M1 though....more thump to my ears....and the form factor is just simple and smart.

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I owned the L1s for a little while, and I've tried the P5s.  I found the L1s to be too warm and bassy for my tastes.  I think I liked the sound of the P5s a little more.  They were better balanced.  Haven't tried the FS1s.

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Good deal! Can you hook me up? biggrin.gif

You are very limited in terms of choices. The sad part is Apple doesn't really see Hi-Fi cans right now. The closest the Hi-Fi may be the P5 and that's boarder line. I would screw the savings at Apple and buy the AKG K550. That headphones is Hi-Fi for beer money IMO. Make sure you get a decent amp/DAC too.
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I'd follow the advice of HiFiGuy and ignore the inducement to buy at the Apple Store, even if you have a discount. Others could offer good advice depending on your taste in music. 


Several used items are available in the Headphones for Sale link right here; get a great pair of headphones for a solid discount. 

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I think the P5 are probably the best you can do here, and for $150 I think they're pretty alright. But for around that same money, there's some other good options, like the Sennheiser HD 380 or Ultrasone HFI-2400. On the open market you have substantially more options. smily_headphones1.gif
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