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Recently my apple in ear headphones broke.  The right side quit working.  I believe it was due to a broken wire inside the cable.  I took really good care of them and they lasted me 4 years but they still quit working due to the broken wire inside the cable.  I'm working on putting a new wire on them but in the mean time, I would like to get a set of new in-ear headphones.


I listen to a wide range of music but an not a "basehead".  I actually don't like very large amounts of base.  I'm looking for some in-ear monitors that accurate rather than over emphasizing of bass.  Prior to the apple in-ear headphones, I was using dynamic in-ear headphones and over ear headphones.  Once I switched the apple ones with armature drivers, I didn't want to go back to dynamic.  To me armature sound crisper and clearer.  So I would like my next pair of in-earbuds to be armature driven.  (I'd love it if they had at least 2 drivers in each monitor)  My budget is $100 or less.  Preferably less.  I would like the cable to be replaceable/removable.


To summarize what I am looking for:

In-Ear Headphones

Less than $100

Removable Cable

Preferably 2 Armature Drivers per monitor or one very good dynamic driver

Removable Cable

Accurate not emphasized sounding over a wide range of music genres.  Not over emphasizing of bass.  I don't plan on listening to a lot of rap music but a little every once in awhile.


I looked through the buying guide here on the forums and the one pair that stood out to me the most was the panasonic RP-HJE900.  However that earbud has a single dynamic driver and is discontinued.  Since it is discontinued the original cable seems difficult to find so having it be removable isn't very helpful if I can't find a replacement for sale.


What are your guy's recommendations?