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BHSE tube adaptors

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Is it possible to develop tube adaptors to allow use of KT88 tubes instead of EL34 tubes in a BHSE?



If so-  how do I find someone who can make them for me?




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KT88s and EL34s are different output tubes, no? Some speaker tube amps can handle both but I'm not sure if the BHSE can.

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Couldn't an adaptor take care of that??  Not an adaptor just for the sockets but to adapt the voltage paramaters to make the kt88 work?

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As long as the output transformers can handle the higher voltage and higher current draw from the KT88 tubes.

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KT88's can't handle 800 volts. I have tried.

So stop now before you burn up something or ruin

an expensive set of tubes.


BHSE does not have any output transformers.

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