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LAST CHANCE HeadRoom Total AirHead SALE! .....

Yes, its the end of an era -- After nearly a decade in production, the HeadRoom Total AirHead portable headphone amp has reached its final apogee and ultimate zenith and is being discontinued. So we are offering it at a ridiculous $49 sale price until its gone. Not to worry, the digital USB-DAC sister-model HeadRoom Total BitHead headphone amp remains alive and kicking. But, of course, it is significantly more expensive too ... :)

So here's the last chance to score one [OR TWO! THREE!!] of these little beauties while you still can at the very best price we've ever had at HeadRoom.... Did i hear someone say killer (early) Christmas gifter?! Of course, this is a limited-time sale, offer may be withdrawn at anytime without notice, so please order before they're sold-out!
Sniff, sniff -- good-bye TAH, we'll miss you, ya' cool little bugger! beerchug.gif





HeadRoom VP